Pleated Filter Element

Flow-Max filter cartridges outperform wound, spun, melt blown, resin bonded and other "depth" type filter elements because our cartridges are pleated to provide increased surface area and longer life.

Flow-Max filter cartridges outperform otherpleated elementsbecause our high- performancefilter element mediais systematically produced using 100% synthetic fibers, with no binders or additives to leave a residue, foam or contaminate.

Lower pressure drop is another significant advantage ofthis filter element, using Flow-Max pleated cartridges, which allows for increased flow rates and the use of smaller filter housings to reduce capital equipment costs.

The filter media of pleated filter element is dramatically thicker than other products. For this reason, Flow-Max cartridges provide "depth" filtration for greater sediment removal, along with more surface area with our pleated design.

A muti-ply laminate is used with our sub and one micron grades for longer life and greater solids removal.


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