Welded Mesh Gabions

Welded Mesh Gabions

Welded wire meshmeans that each point of contact in the grid is actually welded to form a very rigid connection, making this type of gabion indispensable in achieving that perfectly flat, sharp appearance a structure should maintain. Welded wire mesh gabionsare more aesthetic and rigid structures compare to Woven Mesh Gabions. Welded Mesh gabions install at a considerably faster rate than woven wire baskets.


The welded wire fabric is mainly used for civil works:

Earth Retaining Structures

Reinforced Soils

River Training

Coastal Protection

Canal Lining

Dam Overflows

Scour Protection

Marine Revetment

Rock Fall Protection

Headwall Construction

Welded Mesh Gabion Mattress are used in many situations including the stabilization of earth movement and erosion,river control, reservoirs, canal refurbishment, landscaping and retaining walls.Welded mesh gabions are faster to erect and do not need tensioning. This allows them to keep their shape, to be free from bulges and depressions and fit easily against the wall.


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