Steel Formwork

TECON Steel formworkmainly contains Steel LITE Formwork, HETO Frame Wall Formwork, Steel Deck Slab Formwork, Adjustable Steel Frame Column Formwork, LITE Steel Column Formworkand Single Side Formwork.

All those formwork are fabricated completely by carbon steel. For some framed system, they are lined with TECON-Form Birch or Plas-tech shuttering as well in order to achieve more reuses time.

Despite of HETO Frame Wall formwork and Single Side formwork, all other system are handset system without crane lift.

Advantages of Steel Formwork

Steel formwork can save costs and bring environmental benefits to the construction process.

Creating a steel formwork requires a minimal production process. There are many ways to make steel, one of which is computer modeling. The digital modeling process ensures that the steel is formed correctly the first time it is formed and formed, thereby minimizing the need for rework. If the steel formwork can be manufactured quickly, the speed of field work will also be accelerated.

Due to its strength, steel is suitable for extreme environments and severe weather conditions. Its anti-corrosion performance reduces the possibility of accidents for building builders and residents, thus providing a safe environment for everyone.

Considering the reusability and recyclability of steel, it can be regarded as a sustainable building material. Therefore, more and more companies are making sustainable development choices to reduce environmental damage.

TECON is one of professional formwork companies. We provide Formwork Accessories, Facade Protection, steel shutters for concrete for sale, metal formwork system, steel shutteringand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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