Adhesive Magnets

Adhesive magnets(adheisve backed magnets) are used more and more in industry. Someone asks what is an adhesive magnet? The adhesive has not magnetism itself. Adhesive backed magnets( magnets with adhesive) are just thin magnets with self-adhesive on one of the magnetized surface. Limited by the application of 3M adhesive magnets, we usually make 3M adhesive on the surface of thin neodymium magnets. Because adhesive neodymium magnetshas the strongest strength. The thin 3M adhesive backed neodymium magnets combine a high level of magnetic strength and the convenience of super stickiness 3M self-adhesive with a peel away backing strip.

Classification of adhesive backed permanent magnets:

Adhesive includes film adhesive and foam adhesive,both film adhesive backed magnets and foam adhesive backed magnets can be made by meank magnetics.

Film adhesive backed magnets:adhered to all the same types of materials but is thinner,better suited for applications with specific space requirements.The pressure sensitive adhesives form permanent bond with most high surface energy materials,firmly securing the thin magnets to the objects.

Foam adhesive backed magnets conform to the irregularities of rigid substrates and adhere the magnets to various of materials,including wood,plastic,ceramic,rock and so on.

Application methods of 3M-adhesive backing magnets:

If the adhesive backed magnet used to attract to steel surface(we can supply steel plates with adhesive), you can use either north or south pole. They are equal in magnetic force.Meank magnetics's self-adhesive backed neodymium magnets are well approvaled all over the world.

Adhesive disc magnets and adhesive rectangle magnets are available for either north pole or south pole.If you want to use 2 pieces 3M-adhesive backing magnets together, for example, to close a cardboard folder, you need to opposite the magnetic poles and let north-pole and south-pole face each other to attract.

Features of Meank Magnetics's adhesive backing neodymium magnets:

-high quality 3M adhesive backing for the best adhesion;

-quick release tab for fast and effective liner removal;

-high performance neodymium magnet available;

-maximum working temperature-80 degree Celsius;

-the best packing available for all self-adhesive backed magnets.

Meank magnetics offers wide size range of adhesive backed neodymium magnets,here we just list most common adhesive backed disc neodymium magnets and adhesive backed rectangle neodymium magnets. We have broad sizes range of adhesive magnets for sale,there must be one size meet your application.If not,we can also make it based on your design.We can provide adhesive magnets solutions for you.We can also supply adhesive backed steel plates.Welcome you to contact us whenever you need adhesive backing neodymium magnets.

Meankis a professional holding magnets manufacturer, we provide cone neodymium magnets, adhesive magnets for sale, strong fishing magnets for saleand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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