TL-3200 Desktop Digital Conference System

TL-3200 digital table micro for conference room allows the delegate to speak, request to speak and listen to the speech. Each discussion unit comes with head jack and volume control for the delegate to listen to the floor audio, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening. 1 to 4 delegate micros can be actived at the same time.
Functions of TL-3200 Desktop Digital Conference System
Highly resistant to mobile interference

Supports HD video camera tracking
Multiple chairman and vice-chairman units are allowed
Pluggable gooseneck micro
Selectable micro modes: AUTO / FIFO / OPERATOR
Floor audio listening via head or built-in loudspeaker
Attendance: key press and supplementary registration
Up to 20 chairman and vice-chairman units for one system
Chairman units can be activated at any time
Chairman unit can override/mute all the active delegate units
Optional HD video camera tracking matrix, switcher or HD camera, can realize HD automatic camera tracking, supporting preset overall view
4*1+1 video matrix is built in the Central Control Unit, and standard definition video conference camera is selected, which can realize automatic camera tracking function of standard definition and support preset overall view
Technical Parameters of TL-3200 Desktop Digital Conference System
Mounting type Tabletop
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity -46dB±4dB
THD <0.05%
Power input 24V DC
Micro length Standard 410 mm, Optional 310/510mm
Head jack Mono 3.5mm
Internal loudspeaker 4Ω/3W
Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 160×140×53 mm (W*D*H)
Operating temperature 0~45°C
Storage temperature -20~50°C

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