TL-3300 Desktop Digital Conference System

TL-3300 digital conference desk micro system allows the delegate to speak, request to speak and listen to the speech. Each discussion unit comes with head jack and volume control for the delegate to listen to the floor audio, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening. 1 to 4 delegate micros can be activated at the same time.
Functions of TL-3300 Desktop Digital Conference System
Highly resistant to mobile interference
Supports HD video camera tracking
Multiple chairman /vice-chairman units are allowed
Pluggable gooseneck micro
Easily hidden unit connecting cables
Selectable micro modes: AUTO / FIFO / OPERATOR/ Request(with software)
Unlimited number of chairman micros and vice chairmand micros
System supports hot plugging
Three types of detachable gooseneck mic
Press key to register with software
Control the speaking time with software
Floor audio listening via head or built-in loudspeaker
Attendance registration: key press and supplementary registration( with software)
Units come with recording output
Chairman unit can override/mute all the active delegate units
Supports automatic video camera tracking with preset panoramic position
Chairman unit has below function besides the functions above
Chairman units can be activated at any time
Chairman unit has additional red priority button, which can override all active delegate units.
Compact structure design, easily hidden unit connecting cables, more beautiful appearance.

Technical Parameters of TL-3300 Desktop Digital Desktop Conference MicroSystem

Mounting type


Frequency response





125 dB (THD<3%)

Dynamic range






Power input


Micro length

Standard 410 mm, Optional 310/510mm

Head jack

Mono 3.5mm

Internal loudspeaker




190×162×60 mm (W×D×H)

Operating temperature


Storage tempefrature


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