Soil nails work by reinforcing the rock

Underground mining creates excavations of varying sizes in the surrounding rock mass. This rock mass is never continuous, can be of
varying rock strengths, can be traversed by geological disturbances as well as being subject to changing stress fields. Left un-supported
these excavations will collapse causing injuries to persons as well as disruptions to mining.

In order to ensure the safety and life of such excavations are maximised engineers need to employ proper design and layout of these
excavations as well as ensure that the correct support systems are used.

Soil nails work by reinforcing the rock – this means they improve the strength of the rock mass into which they are installed so that the
rock itself becomes part of the support system. When soil nails are installed they modify the ground behaviour and can prevent or restrict
rock failure. They do this by transferring load from the unstable part of the rock mass to the soil nail itself and then into the stable
ground. The strength of rod between the anchor and the rock is a measure of the effectiveness of this load transfer mechanism.
Due to the number of construction increaseing , it had a strong focus on self drilling soil nail. And this phenomenon has an impact on
Sinorock,so Sinorock devoted more on the self drilling soil nails manufacturing.Sinorock has been a self drilling soil nail trusted
supplier of industrial components, parts and entire product lines.
Sinorock manufacturer self drilling soil nail system for rock reinforcement development,the Sinorock 
self drilling soil nail  is a
dynamic bolt that yields to and withstand changing ground conditions. It is “a one-pass system, with no need for any grouting,”The
Sinorock self drilling soil nail system is a permanent bolt that is less sensitive to poor ground conditions, such as weak rock mass. It
is suited for moving ground conditions as it slides at high load, maintaining high capacity support, he said.



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