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The UHF frequency band covers the range from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. RAIN RFID systems comply with the UHF Gen2 standard and use the 860 to 960 MHz band. While there is some variance in frequency from region to region, RAIN RFID systems in most countries operate between 900 and 915 MHz.

UHF RFID technology has the following characteristics:

Read multiple tags in a short time;

Strong penetrability;

Can read and write multiple times;

The uhf passive rfid tags priceis low;

Small volume;

Easy to us.

DTB UHF RFID Tag Production

RAIN/UHF RFID LabelUHF RFID Label is also called uhf rfid sticker/label, it can be widely used in inventory management, patient safety, tracking, item authentication, logistic, asset management and many other applications.

RFID Paper Hand Tag Description of RFID Paper Hand TagThe UHF paper hand tag is mainly designed for apparel management. It not only displays the brand image through a good-looking appearance but also can be customized.

RFID Plastic Hand TagDescription of RFID Plastic Hand TagUHF plastic hang tag is made by hard plastic material, so it is rugged and suitable for outdoor applications. With punching holes on the tag, the UHF RFID tag can be fixed with screws.

RFID Satin Fabric TagDescription of RFID Satin Fabric TagSatin fabric RFID tag is soft and easy to customize. It can be packed in rolls, so it is convenient to print personalized information on its surface.

RFID Waterproof Fabric TagHigh temperature and humidity resistance, can be washable, soaking and rubbing repeatedly, can be direct ironing and sewing. With high sensitivity, strong anti-jamming capability, excellent read/write performance, etc..

RFID Flexible On Metal TagRFID Flexible On Metal Tag suitable for pasting on metal surfaces, designed with flexible materials, can be used to print text and graphics on the label surface using a label printer.

RFID ABS On Metal TagABS anti-metal label, suitable for metal surface, ABS housing can be waterproof and dustproof, suitable for harsh environment.

RFID PCB On Metal TagDescription of RFID PCB On Metal TagUHF PCB anti-metal tag is an excellent option for on metal applications. It has long-range reading by desktop and handheld reader on metal.


RAIN RFID is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology. RAIN RFID is helping to connect billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item.

RAIN RFID is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from retail inventory management to pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting and wireless device configuration. The majority of new RFID projects are using UHF (RAIN) as opposed to LF or HF, making RAIN the fastest-growing segment of the RFID market.

Standard of UHF RFID Tag

EPC global Class 1 Gen 2

ISO/IEC 18000-6C

UHF Frequency Ranges for Different Countries/Areas

China: 920.5 - 924.5 MHz

Japan: 916.7 - 923.5 MHz

North America: 902 - 928 MHz

Europe: 865- 900 MHz

The Famous UHF RFID Chip Suppliers in The World

NXP: offering U code series products

Impinj: offering Monza series products;

Alien: offering Alien series products.

Main Application of Long Range UHF RFID

Supply Chain Management

Distribution Logistics

Product Authentication

Asset Inventory and Tracking

Baggage Handling and Tracking

Item Level Tagging

UHF RFID tags have attracted the attention of countries around the world and are widely used in various business management. If you want to buy RFID productsat affordable prices, contact us now.

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