ETFE Adhesive Tape

ETFE fabric structure repair tape, help to repair PTFE architecture membrane structure.

The Details of ETFE Adhesive Tape

ETFEtapeis a kind of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, it is transparent film without fabric substrate. Elongation rate of this film can reach 420% to 440%. The transmittance spectrum of ETFE film (commonly known as soft glass) is similar to that of glass. The surface of the ETFE film material is specially treated and coated with a layer of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side to make it into self-adhesive tape.

The Advantages of ETFE Adhesive Tape

Light transmission spectrum of ETFE film tape is basically the same as glass, with high ultraviolet light transmittance , and visible light transmittance >95%.Temperature for long-term use is -70℃~150℃.Film is with Class B1 flame retardantGood chemical stability and corrosion resistance.Ultimate tensile strength is above 40MPa, the film is elastic when tensile strength is lower than 20MPa, it is folding with good tear resistance.Excellent weather resistance, its mechanical properties remain the same in long-term exposure test.Quality guarantee period of ETFE film is 10 years, and the actual service life can exceed 20 years.Smooth surface, dust free and erosion resistant, has good self-cleaning properties in rain.Good resistance to hail impact toughness.

The Specifications of ETFE Adhesive Tape



Adhesion to Steel




Tensile Strength Warp/Weft


Visible Light Transmittance(%)


Elasticity/Crease Recovery


Self-cleaning Retention Period


Mechanical Retention Period


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