Adult Toothbrush

Perfct toothbrush will clean your teeth effectively,leaving you a healthy-looking smile.

We focus on toothbrush R & D and manufacturing for more than 20 years, strictly select large factory configuration and complete categories. Oral care needs new thinking. Perfect puts forward a new concept of "graded care", which can inject new consumption direction to meet the ever-increasing oral care needs of consumers, and let consumers gradually move towards a new consumption era of pursuing more professional and high-quality oral care from the original era of basic care.

High-quality toothbrush care solutions

We have been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of toothbrushes for more than 20 years with strict selection of high-quality factory configuration, now we have a complete range of toothbrushes. Oral care requires new thinking, so PERFCT puts forward a new concept of "graded care", finding new consumption directions in order to meet the improving needs of consumers for oral care, and allowing consumers move from the original basic care era to a new consumption era that pursues more professional and high-quality oral care.

How to choose our suitable toothbrushs?

Choosing the wrong toothbrush can cause great damage to the teeth. We should choose a toothbrush with the right size, shape, and hardness of the bristles according to our own oral conditions and teeth arrangement.

· The elderly and patients with periodontal disease are recommended to choose soft toothbrushes;

· People who smoke or have more dental calculus are recommended to choose toothbrushes with medium hardness;

· If you wear fixed appliances, etc., please choose a special toothbrush under the guidance of a dentist;

Reminder: Do not use the same toothbrush for a long time. Bent or bifurcated bristles will damage your gums and teeth.

Value Type

#019 PERFCT Value PP Toothbrush

#303 Adult Bulk Plastic Plain Toothbrush

#702 Pocketsized Toothbrush

Basic Type

#934 PERFCT Basic PP+TPR Adult Toothbrush

#993 PERFCT Basic PP+TPR Toothbrush

#557 PERFCT Basic Adult Toothbrush

#801 Old Fashioned Nylon Bristles Portable Toothbrush

Medium Type

#567 Black Charcoal Toothbrush Nano Silver Bristle Tooth Brush

#805 PERFCT Medium PP+TPR Adult Toothbrush

#826 Gum Massager Hotel Short Toothbrush

Premium Type

#563 Silicone Diamond Charcoal Toothbrush

#552 ISO Tapered Filaments Long Handle Oral Fresh Toothbrush

Special Type

#J42 Double Sided Denture Brush

#Z15 High Quality Best Selling Popular Oral Hygiene Cleaner Adult Tongue Brush

#KH001 Oral Care Dental Toothbrush Box For Denture Bath

#Z11 Tongue Scraper Denture Cleaner Used For Cleaning Tongue Oral Care Products

PERFCT Oral Care Tooth Whitening Teeth Polishing Stain Eraser

#Y21 Oral Care Dental Examination Mouth Mirror

#Y20 Oral Care Dental Examination Instrument Kit

Why Choose Perfct

22 Years History

More Than 30 Countries and Regions

Sales footprint is all over the world,Serving consumers more than 30 countries and regions.

220 Patents

We have 220 patents and accumulated many core formulations and expertise.

R&D Laboratory More Than 800 Square Meters

A CNAS-certified R&D and testing laboratory has been established, which has the ability to produce global mutual recognition test report

PERFECT GROUP CORP., LTD. was established as a professional and world-class oral care manufacturers, produce PERFECT toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental flosses, flosser, interdental brush, denture tablets products, personal care wipes, medical wipes, infant oral careproducts with high quality and cost-effective price.


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