Perfct Sonic Electric toothbrush: intelligent oral care, smile every day

Is an electric toothbrushbetter for people's oral care? In certain situations, electric toothbrushes are certainly better than manual toothbrushes at plaque removal and electric toothbrushes are more convenient to use as well.

An electric toothbrush is the best way to keep your mouth nice and clean. Perfct is a professional electric toothbrush supplier, we offer electric toothbrush wholesale sevice. With a Perfct electric toothbrush, your oral health will be better. View all Perfctelectric toothbrush, a complete guide will help you find the best electric toothbrush for your needs.

Electric Toothbrush

Adult Electric Toothbrush

Perfct adult electric toothbrush, makes an innovative change to traditional manual toothbrush, and opens up a new experience of tooth cleaning!

Children's Electric Toothbrush

Concerned about children's oral care, the children's electric toothbrush is designed for children, so that children love to brush their teeth!

Electric Toothbrush Heads

Best Electric toothbrush head for you! Here is a wide range of electric toothbrush heads that you can choose.

Technical Principle of Electric Toothbrush

In terms of principle, there are two main types of bulk electric toothbrushes: rotating and vibrating. The principle of the rotating type of toothbrush is simple, that is, the electric motor drives the round brush head to rotate, while performing the ordinary brushing action to strengthen the friction effect, so that the brush head produces high-frequency vibration, which instantly breaks down the toothpaste into fine foam and cleans deeply into the crevices of the teeth, at the same time, the quivering of the bristles can promote the blood circulation of the mouth and have a massage effect on the gum tissue.

The vibrating type of toothbrush is more complex and higher-end in terms of price. The vibration type toothbrush has an electrically driven vibration motor inside, which allows the brush head to produce high-frequency oscillation perpendicular to the direction of the brush handle, but the amplitude of the oscillation is small, generally about 5 mm up and down, and the industry's largest oscillation is 6 mm.

On the one hand, the high-frequency oscillation of the brush head can efficiently complete the action of brushing teeth, on the other hand, the vibration of more than 30,000 times per minute also allows the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth to produce a large number of tiny bubbles, and the pressure generated by the bubble burst can penetrate deep into the teeth to clean dirt.

Benefits of Electric Toothbrush

Cleaning ability

Traditional toothbrushes are difficult to remove plaque thoroughly, plus the improper brushing method makes the cleaning effect of brushing teeth greatly reduced. Experiments have proven that electric toothbrushes remove 38% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and its cleaning ability has been unanimously affirmed by dental experts.

Comfortable feeling

Improper brushing often causes our gums to suffer. Electric toothbrush supplier makes the slight vibration generated by the electric toothbrush rotating at high speed not only promotes blood circulation in the mouth, but also has an unexpected massage effect on the gum tissue, and this comfortable feeling can only be known after personal experience.

Fun feeling

This applies not only to many children who do not like to brush their teeth, but also to adults. Because the electric toothbrush volume than the traditional toothbrush increased a lot, so in the appearance of the work can be done. Watching a "sports car" "run" back and forth in front of your mouth makes brushing your teeth a natural pleasure.

Reduce damage

When brushing with a normal toothbrush, the intensity of use is controlled by the user, and sometimes it is inevitable that the brushing force is too strong, or the incorrect pull-saw horizontal brushing method is used, which can cause damage to the teeth and gums. Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes can reduce the brushing force by about 60% and reduce the frequency of gingivitis and gum bleeding by 62%, making the brushing process safer and more effective.

Whitening and Beauty

Electric toothbrushes can effectively reduce stains caused by tea, coffee and poor oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth. This adjustment is not immediate, but gradual with daily brushing, and does not cause any damage to the teeth themselves.

PERFECT GROUP provides a series of electric toothbrush wholesale for your different needs.

Tips of Using Electric Toothbrush

When using the electric toothbrush, the following details should be noted.

  1. Electric toothbrush supplier suggests that toothbrushes should not be used together to prevent mutual transmission of diseases.

PERFECT GROUP CORP., LTD.is a professional China toothbrush manufacturer, we provide Adult Electric Toothbrush, Bamboo Toothbrush, Children's Electric Toothbrush and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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