Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

Plastic extruder adopts several extruders and is mainly applied to manufacture multi-layer plastic sheet of PP, HIPS, PE and other materials meeting the requirement of different applications. These plastic sheets can be used to make plastic containers, plastic trays, plastic cup, plastic covers with the help of the thermoforming machine, which are widely applied to printing, packaging, hardware packaging and so on.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion LineList

XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line

Melt Blown Fabric Production Line

PE Foamed Sheet/Film Production Line

PVC Crust Foamed Plate Production Line

EPS Foamed Sheet ( KT Plate ) Production Line

PP Hollow Plastic Building Board Production Line

EVA Waterproof Seal Strips Production Line

PC, PP, PE Hollow Profile Board Production Equipment

Sheet Extrusion Production Line Construction

The sheet extrusion lineconsists of an extruder (single-screw extruder or twin-screw extruder) equipped with a screen changer and a gear pump, followed by a static mixer (sometimes it is sent to the co-extrusion feed head first, and then to the co-extrusion head) . Add or other multiple extrusion units as described above). Send into the flat mold.

Then, cool the paper through 3 (or more) roll paper stacks (paper pickers) and control the temperature, pressure and nip.

Finally, cut the paper into a certain length, roll it into a roll, or perform the second step online.

Feature Of Plastic Sheet ExtrusionLine

The single screw plastic extruder in the manufacturing line adopts new type of screw structure featured as stable feeding and uniform fusion mixing, which can reduce energy consumption and increase production output.

The plastic extruder adopts directly connection between motor and reduction gears, which can improve transmission efficiency and reduce speed fluctuation ensuring the stability of extrusion.

The extruder is designed with the melt dosing pump and it can cooperate with precise multi-layer distributor. The flow proportion and blade clearance ratio are all adjustable, which can lead to a more uniform plastic sheet layer.

The total machine adopts PLC control system, which can realize automatic control for parameter setting, date operation, feedback, alarming and other functions.

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