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Smart Wearable Device HealthSwalle Health Tracker is a good healthy helper to know our health situation better. It is an amazing Smart wristband pedometer by tracking all your daily life active like steps taken,Website:, distance traveled, calories burned. Also the hours of your sleeping include the deep sleeping and the light sleeping. You can wear the smart health tracker when you do sports like walking, playing basketball,playing tennis, hiking, sleeping or cycling trip and so on. Also you can share the data of every day to your friends via health tracker app on your smart .Functions of Health Tracker DeviceTime display:The product can show the detail hour and minute informationStep counting:When you get into the Step counting function, the product can record how many steps, how much calorie and mile information for youPhonebook:Ater you connect the product with your mobile , you can downlod your contactors in mobile to the product(after your choose the book function)Caller ID and conversation:You can find any contactor in the product, then touch it, then you will call the contactor through mobile automaticallyMusic play:You can change the music by the product when you use the product for your mobile ' musicTouch screen:It supports touching the screen for step counting and menu rollingWater-proof:Preventing the water bubble from entering the bracelet when you're washing your handsPackaging included: 1 piece Smart bracelet,1 piece charging USB cable,1 piece user manual,1 piece gift box.Show Function of Smart Bracelet:Our Certification:Order Process:Payment and shipment:Company&Factory ShowFriendly Tips: If you find our tapes interested, please fill the below blank space your detailed requirements. Swalle’ s team would offer different solutions to you within 12 hours. Free samples are also available.


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