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Kinglos electric upright bass bow are synthetically manufactured. Its composition provides an ideal combination of strength and stability, with the appropriate flexibility to play like a professional. Kinglos Double Bass Bow can withstand changes in humidity and temperature, making it a more durable and durable wood substitute. It is octagonal and has an impeccable balance. Carbon fiber responds well to vibrations, and you can feel the music with your fingers, thereby improving your performance. Its shape is very good, suitable for faster play, very light weight, suitable for flexible play, all natural Mongolian horse hair is laid by hand. In fact, all components are installed manually by well-trained professional craftsmen.


Specifications of Double Bass Bow


How to hold the bow of the double bass

The bow holding of the double bass is roughly divided into two categories: "fist holding" and "finger pinching". Each category also contains two bow holding methods. Therefore, there are four kinds of bow holding methods. In the beginning, the double bass bow was held with the palm of the hand facing inwards. It was held in a holding fist style. This bowing method is mostly used in Germany and Austria and other countries. It is customarily collectively referred to as the German bow or the big bow {because the tail box is wide}. German bows are divided into Dragonety and Simandel. Hou Lei in France. People lowered the height of the ponytail box. The cello holding bow method was adopted. But the thumb was placed under the ponytail box. This method was called French bow or small bow.Italy changed the French bowing method to the thumb. Place it under the bow. It is exactly like a cello to hold the bow. This method is the Italian bow or the inner pinch bow. Also called the Portsini bow.






What is the difference between the two styles of the double bass bow?

Generally, there is only one style of large and medium violin bows. They are all traditional French bow styles, while the double bass bow is quite special. There are two styles, one is called French style, and the other is called French style. Called German style (pictured).


The French-style double bass bow is like an enlarged cello bow, while the German-style bass bow has a slightly different shape and structure from the bow head and the ponytail. The German-style bow looks a bit like the old-style Baroque bow. Because the height of the ponytail is more than one-half of the French bow, the German double bass bow has a larger space between the shaft and the bow hair, and the size is slightly longer than the French bow, and the overall weight is slightly heavier.


Due to the different structures of the two bows, their playing methods are also very different. They have different bow holding methods. The German bow holds the back of the bow, while the French bow holds the back of the bow. Since the double bass was evolved from De Gamba in the Baroque period, the German bow will be closer to its original matching Baroque bow. Therefore, some people think that the mainstream large bass bow is still German. The main type of bow.


In addition, the German-style bow can provide more uniform force and is more comfortable to use in the band. However, some people think that the idea of using a bow in a band is wrong, because nowadays, both solo and band have people using two styles of bows.


Which style of bow the performers use depends mainly on the way they learn and teach. Dating back to half a century ago, due to the lack of faculty, the bass performance teachers of some colleges and universities were transferred from cello teachers to teach, and some professional orchestras also allowed some cello players to switch to la bass when expanding the band structure. Naturally, I chose the French bass bow.


As far as we know, some double bass players can accept and use two different styles of double bass bows. But generally speaking, Chinese professional orchestra performers and students from professional colleges are increasingly choosing German bass bows.


Features of Double Bass Bow


The Pick UP takes into account the timbre and timbre characteristics of the original bass. At the same time, it adopts the sound acquisition technology of electronic technology. Through the front and rear power amplifier, it has become a new type of electronic instrument popular in the world.


Double Bass Musical Instrument


Well suited to almost silent practice or for playing on stage; Body made of Paulownia; Fingerboard made of birch (Betula albosinensis); Maple neck; Body support; Traditional headstock with spiral; Scale: 105 cm; Height-adjustable bridge;


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