Photon Broadband Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China gpon olt manufacturers,Website:, welcome to wholesale cheap gpon olt, 8 pon ports olt from our factory.PTF7008- GPON  OLTPTF7008-OLT cassette OLT provides 8 downstream GPON ports, 8 uplink GE optical port and 8 GE electrical ports, with an expansion slot, which can access 2 10GE SFP+ ports. The 1U height can be easy installed and maintained to save space. The PTF7008-OLT adopts the industrial advanced technology, with powerful Ethernet services and QoS feature, supporting SLA and DBA. The splitting ratio up to 1:128, supporting different types of ONU in different networks, minimizing operators' investments.Product Specification:AttributesPTF7008-OLTSwitching capacity102GbpsThroughput (IPv4/IPv6)75.88MPPSPorts8*PON port,8*GE FX+8*GE TX,2*10GE SFP+Power redundancyDual power supply. Can be double AC, double DC or AC+DCPower supplyAC:Input 100~240V,47~63Hz;DC:Input -36V~-75V;Power consumption≤85WOutline dimensions(mm) (W*D*H)440mm×44mm×380mmWeight (in maximum configuration)≤3kgEnvironmentalrequirementsWorking temperature:-15°C~55°CStorage temperature:-40°C~70°CRelative humidity:10%~90%,no condensingBusiness Features:AttributesPTF7008-OLT seriesPON featuresGPONSatisfy ITU -T  standardTR-101 compliant solution for FTTx OLT applicationsHigh splitter rate,  each PON  port supports 32*ONU ,96*T-CONTMaximum transmission distance of 20KMSupport uplink FEC, downlink FEC(Forward Error Correction)ONU  identifier authentication  :SN /SN+PASSWDBandwidth allocation mechanism5 types of T-CONT bandwidthStatic Bandwidth AllocationDynamic Bandwidth AllocationGPON feature parameter4096 port-IDs per GPON MAC (Downstream and Upstream)1024 Alloc -IDs per GPON MAC (Upstream )L2 featuresMACMAC Black HolePort MAC LimitVLAN4K VLAN entriesPort-based/MAC-based/IP subnet-based VLANPort-based QinQ and Selective QinQ (StackVLAN)VLAN Swap and VLAN Remark and VLAN TranslateGVRPBased on ONU service flow VLAN add, delete, replaceSpanning tree protocolIEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol instances (MSTP)PortBi-directional bandwidth controlStatic link aggregation and LACP(Link Aggregation Control Protocol)Port mirroring and traffic mirroringSecurity featuresUser  securityAnti-ARP-spoofingAnti-ARP-floodingIP Source Guard create IP+VLAN+MAC+Port bindingPort IsolationMAC address binds to port and port MAC address filtrationIEEE 802.1x and AAA/Radius authenticationTACACS+ authentificationdhcp anti-attack flood attack automatic suppressionONU isolation controlDevice securityAnti-DOS attack(such as ARP,Synflood, Smurf, ICMP attack), ARP detection, worm and Msblaster worm attackSSHv2 Secure ShellSNMP v3 encrypted managementSecurity IP login through TelnetHierarchical management and password protection of usersNetwork securityUser-based MAC and ARP traffic examinationRestrict ARP traffic of each user and force-out user with abnormal ARP trafficDynamic ARP table-based bindingSupports IP+VLAN+MAC+Port bindingL2 to L7 ACL flow filtration mechanism on the 80 bytes of the head of user-defined packetPort-based broadcast/multicast suppression and auto-shutdown risk portURPF to prevent IP address counterfeit and attackDHCP Option82 and PPPoE+ upload user's physical locationPlaintext authentication of OSPF、RIPv2 and MD5 cryptograph authenticationIP routingIPv4ARP ProxyDHCP RelayDHCP ServerStatic routeIPv6ICMPv6ICMPv6 redirectionDHCPv6ACLv6Configured Tunnel6to4 tunnelIPv6 and IPv4 TunnelsService featuresACLStandard and extended ACLTime Range ACLPacket filter providing filtering based on source/destination MAC address, source/destination IP address, port, protocol, VLAN, VLAN range, MAC address range, or invalid frame. System supports concurrent identification at most 50 service trafficSupport packet filtration of L2~L7 even deep to 80 bytes of IP packet headQoSRate-limit to packet sending/receiving speed of port or self-defined flow and provide general flow monitor and two-speed tri-color monitor of self-defined flowPriority remark to port or self-defined flow and provide 802.1P, DSCP priority and RemarkCAR(Committed Access Rate)、Traffic Shaping and flow statisticsPacket mirror and redirection of interface and self-defined flowSuper queue scheduler based on port and self-defined flow. Each port/ flow supports 8 priority queues and scheduler of SP, WRR and SP+WRR.Congestion avoid mechanism,including Tail-Drop and WREDMulticastIGMPv1/v2/v3IGMPv1/v2/v3 SnoopingIGMP FilterMVR and cross VLAN multicast copyIGMP Fast leaveIGMP ProxyPIM-SM/PIM-DM/PIM-SSMPIM-SMv6、PIM-DMv6、PIM-SSMv6MLDv2/MLDv2 SnoopingMPLSNPLS LDPReliabilityLoop protectionEAPS and GERP (recover-time <50ms)Loopback-detectionLink protectionFlexLink (recover-time <50ms)RSTP/MSTP (recover-time <1s)LACP (recover-time <10ms)BFDDevice protectionVRRP host backupDouble fault-tolerant backup of host program and configuration files1+1 power hot backupMaintenanceNetwork maintenanceTelnet-based statisticsRFC3176 sFlowLLDP802.3ah Ethernet OAMRFC 3164 BSD syslog ProtocolPing and TracerouteDevice managementCommand-line interface(CLI), Console, Telnet and WEB configurationSystem configuration with SNMPv1/v2/v3RMON (Remote Monitoring)1/2/3/9 groups of MIBNTP(Network Time Protocol)


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