SFP Module

What Is SFP Module?

SFP means small form-factor pluggable. It's a compact and hot-pluggable transceiver which is commonly used in telecommunication and data communication. SFP is often called mini-GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter). It is with a smaller size and it has already taken the place of GBIC modules in most 1Gb applications. Currently, most SFP is fiber optic SFP typesand most of them are used for gigabit and 10G devices. 100M SFP modules are still in some needs, but it's decreasing. Optical SFP modules are designed with a wide range of transmitters and receivers for multiple distance needs. They are also applied with various wavelengths to meet different optical signal transmission. There are also SFP modules designed for Ethernet ports, they can convert fiber ports into RJ45 ports.

SFP offers a convenient way for different wavelength and distance needs in the network. Most of our gigabit switches are also designed with SFP versions in order to meet the requirements. Unlike fixed fiber modules on normal switches, SFP modules can be replaced easily according to different application requirements.

What Kinds of SFP Module Does HS Offer?

The most common SFP modules transmission rate is 1.25G and 10G. SFP modules are also divided into single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. Single-mode fiber can reach the longest distance as 120KM. Multi-mode types meet the demand for short-distance transmission needs, which can be up to 600 meters. Mainstream SFP modules in the market are still single fiber types.

SFP modules can be categorized into different versions under Gigabit Ethernet standards and industry-accepted standards, including 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX, 1000BASE-SX, 1000BAS-LX, 1000BASE-LX10, 1000BASE-BX10, 1000BASE-LX/LH, 1000BASE-EX, and 1000BASE-ZX. HS has developed a full range of commonly needed 1.25G and 10G SFP modules types.

What Else Should We Know About SFP Module?

Except for single-mode and multi-mode, SFP modules are also divided into single fiber and dual fiber types. We also call them simplex and duplex types. For simplex types, we only use a single fiber cable for data transmission. As for Duplex type, 2 fiber cables are required as there are individual transmitting and receiving ends. Simplex SFP modules are also called bidirectional (BiDi) SFP modules. The most commonly used wavelength for simplex types is 1310/1550nm, 1310/1490nm. All SFP modules should be used by pairs. For duplex SFP modules, we have to use SFP modules with the same wavelength on the two sides otherwise they will not be able to communicate. However, it's opposite for simplex SFP modules. On the 2 sides we need to use opposite wavelengths, which we will mark with A and B for you to tell. A should always be connected with B on the other side.

The Sealed SFP optical and electrical integrated modules are designed to maximize valuable space on the PCB. It creates great convenience for customers. We offer wide range of SFP module typesas well as SFP fiber optic switchto enrich your network infrastructure.

Shenzhen Huashi Network Technology Co. Ltd. was established in June 2011, which is an original manufacturer of networking and fiber products. We provide poe extender repeater, poe ethernet repeater, poe extension, Ethernet Switch, POE Switch, Ethernet Extender and etc. Want to know fiber SFP types? Please contact us.


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