Fiber Optic Assemblies

Custom fiber optic cable assembliesmainly include a series of passive products such as optical distribution frames, fiber distribution boxes, splice boxes, patch cord, adapters, etc.

Different Types of Fiber Optic Assemblies

Outdoor Fiber Cabinets

Metal Cross-Connect Cabinet

SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet

Integrated Outdoor Cabinet

Outdoor Fiber Cabinets

Fiber Splice Closures

Horizontal Fiber Optci Splice Closure

Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fiber Splice Closures

Fiber Distribution Box

Plastic Distriubtion Boxes

Metal Distribution Boxes

Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber Cables

FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable

Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Cables

Fiber Optic Splitter

1x16 Mini-type Scapc Fiber Optic Splitter

ABS Module Type SM 2×64 PLC Splitter

1×2 Fbt Fiber Optical Splitter

1×16 Box Type Black Abs Closure Fiber Optic Splitter

1×16 Module Type Fiber Optic Splitter

1x 8 8Way SCAPC Fiber Optic PLC Splitter

Metal GLX Sc Splitter Box Fiber Optic

1×32 Scupc Mini Type Fiber Optic Splitter

1×4 Module Type Fiber Optic Splitter

Fiber Optic Splitter

Fiber Optic Adapter

Sc Fiber Optic Adapter with Metal Clip

St Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter

LC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter With Shutter

Mu Fiber Optic Adaptor

E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter

Ftth Simplex Fcupc Fiber Optic Adapter

Scupc Simplex Fiber Optic Coupler with Black Caps

Scapc Simplex Fiber Optic Shutter Adapter

Fiber Optic Adapter

Fiber Optic Attennuator

Male To Female Lc Fiber Variable Optical Attenuator

Fiber Optic Attennuator

Fiber Optic Connector

SC Fiber Optic Connector With 0.9mm Boot

Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

SCUPC To FCUPC Simplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord

LCUPC-LCUPC Om1 Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Stupc To Stupc Patch Cord

Ftth Fiber Optic Fc To Sc Patch Cord

FTTH Fiber Optic Lc To Lc Patch Cord

Fcapc Patch Cord

Fiber Optic Duplex Fc to sc Patch Cord

SC to ST Patch Cord

Fiber Optic FC Patch Cord

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Fiber Optic Pigtail

SCUPC 0.9mm Fiber Optic Pigtail

Ftth Fiber Optic Mu Pigtail

E2000apc Fiber Optic Pigtail

Single Mode Fcapc Fiber Optic Pigtail

Single Mode Lcapc Fiber Optic Pigtail

Stupc Pigtail 0.9mm G657a2

Fiber Optic Sc Apc Pigtail 12 Core

Lcupc Fiber Pigtail 900um G657a1

Ftth Fiber Optic Sc Pigtail Single Mode

Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber Patch Panel

Rack Mount Patch Panels

Rack Mount Splitting Patch Panels

Fiber Patch Panel

MTP/MPO Solutions

MTP/MPO Patch Panels

MTP/MPO Cassettes

MTP/MPO Cabels

MTP/MPO Adapters

MTP/MPO Connectors

MTP/MPO Solutions

Why Choose WELINK--As AFiber Optic Products Supplier?

Welink is cable assembly fiber opticindustry experts, in business since 2012, has develop a wide variety of fiber optic products for all over the world.

Why Choose WELINK--AsFiber Optic Assembly Companies?

Custom Your Own Fiber Optic Assemblies


Decide the connector for both side, norally there is SCUPC, SCAPC, LCUPC, LCAPC


Choose the fiber, is it G652D, G657A1, or G657B3


Choose the diameter and length and color of the outer jacket


Decide how to pack the pigtail or patch cords

What is Hybrid Fiber Cable Assembly?

Welink's hybrid fiber/power cable assemblies are tough cables that are used to connect power and optical links between main and remote units for outdoor and indoor radio base stations. Hexatronic provides fiber and power connectivity in sites for wireless infrastructure. Our hybrid solutions deliver all the fiber you need, including hybrid trunk cables, assemblies, and accessories. For dedicated fiber extensions, chose our multifiber solution to secure easy upgrades of wireless sites.

As one of fiber optic products suppliers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.


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