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Dust-free paper is a new type of sanitary material. It is mainly composed of wood pulp fibers and has natural liquid absorption properties. Its technological principle is to use air flow sedimentation technology to evenly distribute the dispersed wood pulp fibers on the surface of the forming mesh, and then Spray glue or add thermoplastic fiber to heat and solidify, and become dust-free paper. Wood pulp fibers are easily decomposed and have no pollution to the environment. They are called green non-woven fabrics. It can also be mixed with a certain proportion of SAP water-absorbent resin to improve the liquid absorption performance. The dust-free paper is fluffy, water-absorbent, soft and has good wet strength. It can be widely used in maternal and child hygiene, medical, cleaning and wiping products. According to different production processes and product uses, the company's dust-free paper mainly has the following different varieties: puffed dust-free paper, absorbent dust-free paper, glued dust-free paper, composite dust-free paper, comprehensive dust-free paper.


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