303 stainless steel Key Locking Insert light weight heavy weight with four pins

Keenserts (are also known as key sert, keyserts) provide high strength and are designed to provide high resistance to rotation and pullout loads. After installation into the tapped hole, the locking keys on each Keensert/Keysert are driven downthrough the threads of the parent material, locking the insert firmly and permanently in place.Available in inch and metric thread sizes, the stainless steel solid bushing configuration of the Keensert Insert guarantees the quality of the internal thread before installation. No special tools are required for installation and standard taps and drills are used for hole preparation. The pre-assembled self-broaching keys set the insert to depth and ensure positive resistance against rotation.Features 1. Easy install, high strength, high cycle life.2. Positive mechanical lock eliminates wind out in service3. Signicantly increases torque-down and load capability in weaker materials4. No special taps required5. No tangs to break off and removeTypes 1. Thinwall2. Heavy Duty3. Extra Heavy Duty4. Solid InsertKeensert Inserts give high strength joints in low strength materials. Typical applications are transmission housings, electronic equipment and suspension units. Miniature Inserts For use in electronic and aerospace applications where size andstrength are critical. These inserts may be installed in thinner sheet material providing protrusion of insert is not objectionable. Pullout strength exceeds the tensile strengthof most Military standard screws. Lightweight, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Dutyinserts, offered ina wide choice of thread diameters, metric and unified to suit virtually any performance requirement. Each isavailable with or without internallocking features.How to use:1.Drill out material between keys and internal tread with standard drill to specified depth (refer to charts for proper dimensions )2 Deflect keys inward and break off.3.Remove insert using a drill-out E-Z Out ,or similar type tool4.Same size replacement insert may be installed in the original holeThe keyserts sizes(Metric size) Light Weight Internal threadOutsidethreadLengthM5*0.8M8*1.258MMM6*1M10*1.2510MMM8*1.25M12*1.2512MMM8*1.0M12*1.2512MMM10*1.5M14*1.514MMM10*1.25M14*1.514MMM12*1.75M16*1.516MMHeavy Weight Internal threadOutsidethreadLengthM4*0.7M8*1.258MMM5*0.8M10*1.2510MMM6*1M12*1.2512MMM8*1.25M14*1.514MMM8*1.0M14*1.514MMM10*1.5M16*1.516MMM10*1.25M16*1.516MMM12*1.75M18*1.518MMM12*1.25M18*1.518MMM14*2M20*1.520MMM14*1.5M20*1.520MMM16*2M22*1.522MMM16*1.5M22*1.522MMM18*1.5M24*1.524MMM20*2.5M30*230MMM20*1.5M30*230MMM24*3M33*233MMM24*2M33*233MMM22*1.5M33*232MM


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