BT End Mill Holder Weldon Tool Holder

Brief introductionBT end mill holder weldon type, apply to the holder of a DIN1835-B with a solid surface of the cutting tool, high speed and high precision machining .Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories.High Precision BT shank Tool Holder ,balanced G6.3 or G2.5 For choose.BT Tool Holders for mechanical spindle and cutting tool and other accessory tool connection. Is a simple, popular spindle shank connection standard, mainly BT30 BT40 BT50... Etc.. Mold industry, and high-speed engraving machine, used more. SpecificationsBT end mill holder weldon type1) CNC tool holder 2) Sizes:BT30x6-50,BT40x10-63 etc 3) balanced G6.3/12000rpm or G2.5/20000rpm available. 4) runout:0.005mm 5) packied in plastic box 6) specification as below: Products advantages1. Simple and convenient design, high precision 2. Special alloy steel, high efficiency 3. For the clamping of tool with sidelockFAQ1.What kind of characteristic of your company?We are both manuafcturer and exporter.2.Can you supply samples?Yes,we can.3.Can you produce products according to our requirement?Yes,we can.4. About ShippingPort:Shanghai/Ningbo/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/HongkongShipping :By Air, By Sea or By ExpressShipping Time :4-10days By Express   Different Area will spend different shipping days7-15days By Air25-55days By SeaTrade TermsFOB, CIF, EXW, CFR, DDU...5. product warrantyOne year warranty6.What's your payment terms?FOB,T/T,CIF.


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