Founded by talented engineer Mr. Rifu Zheng in 2011, ZEGO are China-based that spray gun manufacturersprofessional auto refinishing and industrial paint spraying equipment and spray gun accessories.ZEGO is the only spray gun factory in the world that can provide a full line high quality china spray gunwith a totally no o-ring design for extended durability and easy cleaning. In the automotive refinishing market, ZEGO equipment provides excellent atomization of high-solids clears that leads to glass-like finishes.

HVLP Spray Gun Description

HVLP = high volume, low pressure

When hvlp finishing sprayer, the air pressure in the air cap is not higher than 0.7bar, The paint transfer efficiency is higher than 65%.

The HVLP spray gun mainly depends on the high flow rate of compressed air to atomize the paint. the spraying pressure is as low as 2.0 bar, and the air consumption is 430L. The spray produces less paint fog on the workpiece, and the paint utilization rate is high.

ZEGO best professional hvlp spray gunfeatures can greatly reduce flying fog and excessive spraying, reduce paint and solvent emissions. High-quality surface effects and less paint consumption. RFQ today!

Advantages of HVLP Spray Guns

HVLP is a high-flow low-pressure spray gun and is synonymous with green paint spray guns. HVLP environmental protection paint spray gun has rapidly developed into the most important direction in the coating industry today.

HVLP spray guns can greatly reduce flying fog and excessive spraying, reduce paint and solvent emissions, save spraying amount, and at the same time keep the working environment clean, protect the atmospheric environment and the health of the construction workers. HVLP stands for high-capacity, low-pressure, and spray guns that use this type of material transfer, which gives you better, more consistent coverage than traditional spray guns, and minimizes messy overspray. The spray gun kit comes with a gravity-fed HVLP spray gun, with HVLP detail spray guns and stainless steel nozzles on both spray guns.

Due to the first-class spraying quality of HVLP spraying equipment, super portability, economy, and environmental protection, most of the fine spraying on-site in foreign countries, such as cars, aircraft, yachts, furniture, cabinets, sanitary spraying, etc., use HVLP spraying equipment, Not only can obtain high-quality surface effects, but also can save a lot of paint consumption, making construction costs reduced by half, at the same time convenient and quick.

ZEGO provides the best professional hvlp sprayer for sale craigslist

No excessive spraying, which saves paint.

Avoid subpar application of finishes caused by excessive spraying.

HVLP spray has finer and more efficient smearing.

The surface treatment of the HVLP gun is smoother.

What is the difference between HVLP spray guns and conventional spray guns?

Conventional spray guns turns the paint into a fine mist, making your coat thinner and finer. However, HVLP spray gun produces larger droplets owing to its lower pressure, so as to produce larger droplets. HVLP Spray gun is a better choice for big painting and spraying job, including a picnic table or porch swing.

Which HVLP spray gun should I buy?





Compared with conventional spray guns, HVLP spray guns have better and more stable coverage effect. As one of the most used spray guns, HVLP spray gun is easier to handle and control. With high-quality, the tool will improve your using experience. Another crucial factor is nozzle size. To choose the right nozzle size is also necessary.If you want buy hvlp spray gun, please contact us at you free time.


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