Tyre Changer

General description: TWC-502NIC is an improved product,is used for demounting, mounting and inflating tyres of small and medium vehicles. It features simple operation and high reliability. This model is equipped with right supplementary arm to facilitate operation and means of "bead blast" inflation. It can also be a great help in car repair garage and tyre dealers. Main characteristics: Smart design and safe structure, some parts made of patent material Wide rim diameter capacity suitable for most Asian tyres Powerful motor Reliable drive unit Low noise Optional accessories Mounting heads (metal and PA66 ) have optimized profiling for maximum efficiency; special design for tyre protection with rigid and durable features International standard (CE,UL) Technical data: Max. wheel diameter:1000mm Max. rim width:420mm Rim clamping diameter(inner):13″-23″ Rim clamping diameter(outer):10″-20″ Working pressure:8-10bar Bead breaker force:≥18000N Power supply:110V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz Power of motor:1.1kw RPM of turntable:6-8rpm Torque of turntable:1070Nm


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