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orifice standard injector


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fuel pump test bench
fuel pump test bench BD960-CCIT is a kind of fuel injection pump test bench which is operated by industrial pc with color CRT. It's the newly researched production for ...
喷油泵试验台 12PSB series of diesel fuel injection test benches are designed for customers' demand. This series of test benches adopt high quality frequency con...
喷油泵试验台 BD960-2000 series color CRT display diesel fuel injection test bench is our newly researched hi-technology machine. It is controlled by industrial ...
nozzle injector tester
nozzle injector tester PJ-60 nozzle injector tester
高压共轨喷油器试验台 It is mainly used for testing and adjusting the common rail injector, and is suitable for the conventional injectors and double springs injectors. ...

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Marine nozzle 7×0.3×130,7×0.3×140,7×0.3×170
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