BBQ Donut Boat

ITEM NO.: UL-2500

BBQ Donut Boat Introduction:

BBQ DONUT BOAT is one kind of new leisure boat equipment produced by Changsha Ulike Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd., we are the original manufacturer for such boat in China.
LLDPE(Linear low-density polyethylene) is the new material welcome by most of the boat manufacturers because of its good character, high tenacity, high strength, toughness, anti-aging, anti-impact, the working time for our BBQ donut boat will be more than 10 years.
The hull of our BBQ donut boat could be 2.5 meters in diameter(UL-2500) or 3.2 meters in diameter(UL-3200), but the structure is one-piece, seamless and no joint, so the safety and stability could be assured, you never worried the boat will be turned over or leak.

The specification of our BBQ donut boat:

It's a new and hot boat designed from our factory, the BBQ donut boat overturns the traditional design, you can BBQ or sleeping in the boat. The center of the boat is 1.35 meters or 0.94 meters in diameter of fire table, placed among Korean barbecue pits, the wide desktop can place food and drinks. Under the seat with a total of nine store content box, can deposit life jackets and the required food a day. The cabin is equipped with four rechargeable batteries, need charge 10 hours, after the completion of the can 8 hours sailing on the lake at 5 kilometers per hour.

The Application of our BBQ Donut boat:

-Boat Rental Operator
-Yacht Club
-Leisure space and park lake
-Hotels and Restaurants with water surface
-Private Custom Collection
-Family Use

The BBQ Donut Boat now is warmly welcomed by most of our clients all over the world. Even we are the factory, we still could accept 1 set for your trial, with the help of our shipping agent, we can supply the door-to-door service. We are waiting for your inquiries!

BBQ Donut Boat Application Area:
Lakes and rivers, coastal areas, park area and other water entertainment.

BBQ Donut boat Technical Specification:

Hull Material: LLDPE
Diameter/Size of the Hull: 2.49 Meters/249*249*826CM
Umbrella Size: 249CM in diameter
Picnic table Size: 95CM
Boat Weight: 248kgs
Max Loading Weight: 505kgs
Suggested Loading Capacity: 6 peoples.
Engine: Electric propeller(Haibo brand, D54): 12V/650W.
Power Resource: Lead-acid batteries, 4sets for each boat, 12V/60A.
Batteries charging time: 10 hours for 2 batteries.
Time for Sailing: 4-5 hours/2 sets of batteries, 8-10 hours/4 sets of batteries.
Wind resistance: Beaufort wind, 4 grade (Equals to max wind speed ≤7.9M/S)
Wave height resistance: Theory wave height ≤0.3M,Sudden max wave height: 0.5M.
Working Temperature: 0℃-60℃.
Storage temperature : -40 ℃-60 ℃


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