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Boegger, a professional manufacturer and seller, supplies high qualitypolyester filter beltswith a variety of air/water permeability, thread diameter, mesh count, density and sizes to suit your machine, including paper making machine, belt press filter and vacuum filter, etc. Boegger polyester filter belts prove to be a combinations of high dimensional stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, longevity and convenient cleaning. These quality products have exported to America, England, India and various European countries, no doubt, gained great acknowledgement from our customers all over the world.

Boegger polyester filter belts have excellent performance in various areas as shown below:

Polyester filter belts are used for paper making, sludge dewatering, fruit juice squeezing and coal separating.

Pulp & paper- Polyester filter belts play an important role inpulp washingand paper making areas, whether it be paper sheet forming or drying. With uniform aperture, smooth surface and excellent physical property, the belts are extensively used for making paper, corrugated paper and train fare, etc.

Mining & metal smelting- Diverse applications include coal separating, mine smelting such as copper concentrate, gold deposit, metallurgy for nickle and zinc, recovered matter of silver, etc.

Environmental protection- Our range of qualitysludge dewatering beltis regarded as one of the best choices for waste water treatment and sewage disposal. Excellent water & air permeability allows for repaid dehydration yet enable the belt to prevent filtered sludge to pass through.

Food & medicine industry- Non-toxic and chemical resistant material enables the polyester filter belt to be used in food and medicine industry such as flour sifting, fruit juice squeezing, FDA grade water filtering and beverage production. In addition, it also functions well in pharmaceutical industry, syrups, starch & glue production, refrigeration and distilleries industries, etc.

Additionally, polyester filter belts can also be used as conveyor belts in areas of luggage transferring, hide processing, shoe making and garment industry, etc.


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