Flour Bolting Cloth

Flour bolting cloth, also known as flour sifting mesh, is a type of thread woven fabric designed for flour milling, a process of flour grinding and separating. As a professional manufacturer of polyester filter belts, our company also offers a wide range of quality flour bolting cloth with fine sifting and filtering property. It has diverse applications including corn milling, grain milling, food filtration, industrial filtration, screen printing, dedusting and mining, etc.

A roll of flour milling mesh in white is designed for flour milling, food filtration and dedusting.
Four bolting mesh allows for efficient flour milling and food filtration.


  • Made of high quality 100% polyester material.
  • Will not absorb moisture and never get rust.
  • High tension strength.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • Flexible to be rolled in coils for easy handling.
  • Superb impact energy absorption.
  • Increased screening efficiency.
  • Appropriate elastic force to withstand high-frequency vibration.
  • Long service life.

Originally, silk bolting cloth was considered as the standard and then quickly replaced by a nylon one, a synthetic fabric. And nowadays, polyester sweeps across the market quickly as it has higher tensile strength, lower elongation and water absorption than silk and nylon. And a simple comparison of these three fabrics is listed below:

Comparison of silk, nylon and polyester bolting cloth
Tensile strength36-75 kg/mm241-67 kg/mm245-75 kg/mm2
Elongation 15-25% 20-35% 15-30%
Resiliency 54-55% 95-100% 90-95%
Temperature resistance 100°C 100°C 140°C
Water absorption 11% 3.8% 0.4%
Corrosion resistance Fine Good Good
A domestic strainer with polyester flour bolting mesh mounted to the plastic frame.
Domestic mesh strainer
Durable and long lasting flour bolting cloth will not retain and transfer any taste or odors.
An industrial flour sifter with a small controller for sifting various grain flours.
Industry flour sifter
Allow for quick and easy sifting whole grain flour for cakes and tarts, etc.
Two pieces of square sifting screen suit a wide range of flour purifier.
Square polyester sifting screen
Square polyester sifting screens suit most flour cleaning machine for efficient purifying.
A piece of tapered sifting screen made of fine flour bolting cloth.
Tapered polyester sifting screen
A combination of tapered durable structure, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.


  • Name:flour bolting cloth.
  • Color:white, yellow, any custom color is available.
  • Material:100% polyester.
  • Thread diameter:31 μm to 500 μm.
  • Width:115cm to 365cm. Custom width is also available.
  • Package:30 m to 75 m packed in a roll.
  • Filtration rate:27% to 78%.


Flour bolting cloth
CodeMesh countThread diameterMesh openingOpening area
FBC-1 4.3 10.9 500 μm 1800 μm 61%
FBC-2 4.9 12.4 450 μm 1600 μm 61%
FBC-3 5.4 13.7 450 μm 1400 μm 57%
FBC-4 5.8 14.7 400 μm 1320 μm 59%
FBC-5 6.5 16.5 350 μm 1180 μm 60%
FBC-6 7.6 19.3 320 μm 1000 μm 58%
FBC-7 8 20.3 300 μm 950 μm 58%
FBC-8 8.3 21.1 300 μm 900 μm 56%
FBC-9 8.7 22.1 300 μm 850 μm 55%
FBC-10 9 22.9 280 μm 800 μm 55%
FBC-11 9.7 24.6 280 μm 750 μm 53%
FBC-12 10.3 26.2 260 μm 710 μm 54%
FBC-13 10.7 27.2 260 μm 670 μm 52%
FBC-14 11.5 29.2 240 μm 630 μm 53%
FBC-15 12 30.5 240 μm 600 μm 51%
FBC-16 12.5 31.8 240 μm 560 μm 49%
FBC-17 13.3 33.8 220 μm 530 μm 50%
FBC-18 14 35.6 220 μm 500 μm 48%
FBC-19 15 38.1 200 μm 475 μm 49%
FBC-20 15.4 39.1 200 μm 450 μm 48%
FBC-21 16 40.6 200 μm 425 μm 46%
FBC-22 17.2 43.7 180 μm 400 μm 48%
FBC-23 18 45.7 180 μm 375 μm 46%
FBC-24 19.4 49.3 160 μm 355 μm 47%
FBC-25 20.2 51.3 160 μm 335 μm 46%
FBC-26 21 53.3 160 μm 315 μm 44%
FBC-27 22.5 57.2 140 μm 300 μm 46%
FBC-28 24 61.0 140 μm 280 μm 44%
FBC-29 26 66.0 120 μm 265 μm 47%
FBC-30 27 68.6 120 μm 250 μm 46%
FBC-31 28.5 72.4 120 μm 236 μm 43%
FBC-32 29 73.7 120 μm 224 μm 42%

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