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SUNTHAI has been in the sanitary stainless steel business for over 10 years.We were originally a trader of stainless steel products for food processing,Website: industries.To serve our clients better with high quality products, efficient delivery and customization.Two years ago.


2lb Closed Loop Extraction
2lb Closed Loop Extraction The 2lb(900g) closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system performs botanical extraction within a sealed, vacuumed system. Utilizing a top-fill input,...
135 Gram Extractor
135 Gram Extractor Closed Loop Extractor for personal and commercial applications.135Gram material column capacity. W/ Dewaxing Sleeve,collection base.All tri clamp f...
1 Pound BHO Extractor
1 Pound BHO Extractor 1Pound(450g) Closed Loop Reclamation Extractor This BHO extraction unit with shatter platter,with oil dewaxer column,recovery tank ...
1lb Closed Loop Extractor
1lb Closed Loop Extractor 1 LB(450g)Closed Loop extractor with Splatter Platter and dry ice sleeve, collection tank System part list: 1pc-3"End Cap with 1/4...
45g open blast extractor
45g open blast extractor open blast extractor 45 gram extractor bho with ball valve and pressure gauge
Sanitary SS304 3A clamp check valve non-return valve
Sanitary SS304 3A clamp check valve non-return valve Check valve is a valve in which the opening and closing member is a circular flap and acts on its own weight and medium pressure to block the flow ...
180g open blast extractor
180g open blast extractor Bho extractor exporter Stainless steel 180g BHO open blast extractor kits with quadpod
1lb Closed Loop Extractor with rack
1lb Closed Loop Extractor with rack Racking mounted BHO closed loop extractor with recovery tank filter drier and condenser coil
clamp spool for BHO extractor
clamp spool for BHO extractor SUNTHAI Sanitary SS304 tri clamp spool for BHO closed loop extractor