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In the 1970s,Website:, Calvin Sager, the founder of Ecolo® became involved in the garbage system design related business. Later on, he made his mind to begin his long journey in the odor control industry. For over 40 years, Ecolo® Odor Control Technologies Inc. has been an industry leader in developing and manufacturing quality odor control products. Through years of R&D and multiple acquisitions, Ecolo® proudly offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of proprietary formulations and odor control systems. Applicable for solid waste, wastewater, and commercial trash rooms and industrial facilities.


Landfill Odor Control
Landfill Odor Control AirSolution™ 23 is a concentrated liquid odor counteractant for treating airborne odors that originate from solid waste materials in commercial and...
Kitchen Exhaust Odor Deodorant
Kitchen Exhaust Odor Deodorant AirSolution™ 26 is a concentrated liquid odor counteractant specifically designed for eliminating odors from food processing facilities and cooking...
Smoke Odor Deodorant
Smoke Odor Deodorant AirSolution™ 37 targets, neutralizes and removes tobacco and smoke odors instead of simply masking the problem. The solution includes powerful odor...
Environment Enhancement Deodorant
Environment Enhancement Deodorant AirSolution™ 635 is a concentrated liquid odor counteractant that treats airborne odors originating from solid wastes. Solid waste areas include ma...
Solid Waste Deodorant
Solid Waste Deodorant AirSolution™ 9149 is optimized to eliminate organic odors created by compost handling and operations. It is a water-soluble formulation with advanc...