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Luther lifting equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production of small lifting equipment and accessories manufacturers, after ten years of reform and innovation, the company gradually accumulated a wealth of production experience, mature team, honest concept, has become a large-scale, specialization, modernization of lifting production industry.

My company's main lifting chain, hoisting electric hoist, hydraulic forklift, hand chain hoist, hoist, crane rigging accessories, handling of small tanks, spring balancer, lifting pulley, permanent magnet, trolleys and small lifting products. Over the years, in cooperation with large power plants, China Railway, Zhongjian, CNPC, Huanghua port and other large enterprises, we uphold the principle of "respect for customers and quality" and provide quality products for every customer.

Luther hoisting equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. set up a strict quality inspection system to fully satisfy the factory standard and send the safe and reliable products to every customer. The company has more than 100 units of all kinds of production equipment, of which there are 10 sets of the world's advanced lifting chain production lines. Advanced equipment, rich experience, strict manufacturing standards, and constantly changing to adapt to the sensitive reaction of the market, so that the recognition rate of products in the same industry remains high. Our company has been research and innovation, with technology department, production department, R & D department, sales department, logistics department, after-sale department and other departments. It has strong and efficient production and sales through-train services, excellent performance and positive upward momentum. The products are exported to more than 100 countries in seven continents, and the reputation of enterprises is deeply recognized by foreign terminals and domestic companies.


G80 alloy lifting chain
G80 alloy lifting chain G80 alloy lifting chain G80 lifting chain is one of our company's main products. It is made of high-quality alloy steel and belongs to a kind of h...
hand chain hoist
hand chain hoist product description: 1. Hand puller is a manual lifting machine that is simple to use and easy to carry, especially for the introduction of open-a...
hand pallet truck
hand pallet truck The manual hydraulic pallet truck is a compact and convenient, flexible to use, heavy load, strong and durable cargo handling tool. In addition to...
hand pallet truck with scale
hand pallet truck with scale Product Features It has the function of ordinary manual pallet truck, red high-definition digital tube display, can carry out zero peeling functio...
PA electric hoist
PA electric hoist PA series electric hoist 1. The miniature electric hoist is smart in design and easy to use. 2. When the lifting heavy object hits the stopper, t...