Optical Components with High Precision

TC Optics is a renowned optical element manufacturersin China, offering a diverse range of optical components including dielectric and metallic mirrors, optical lenses, laser windows, optical prisms, polarizing optics, and optical filters. Our optical components are designed and manufactured with high precision, ensuring outstanding performance in various applications. Apart from our standard products, we also specialize in the design and manufacture of custom optics using a wide range of optical materials with coatings, catering to the unique needs of our customers. Trust TC Optics as your preferred optics component supplier for exceptional quality and performance.

Custom Optical Componentsfor Your Own

TC OPTICS is dedicated to demonstrating excellence in the management of optical needs and the delivery of customer service. We offer manufacturing services to customers that require custom or OEM optics and components. We provide wholesale optical lenses and optical precision componentsat our own factory. So we can ensure the delivery time, we can make MTF testing and USAF1951 testing for the assembly lens, which can ensure the lens can be used by the customer.

Professional Optical Component Supplier in China

TC Optics produce a large achromatic lens with an L/8 PV value. If you need high accuracy optical parts, please contact TC Optics now. Our design approach is elegant and innovative in its simplicity and effectiveness. The designs are robust, buildable, and successfully balance the often conflicting requirements of a state-of-the-art system. TC optics, your best choice.

TC Optics as one of the most professional optical manufacturers, we provide cheap optical components, dielectric mirror for sale, optical components pdf, optical components high precision, diffractive optical element designand etc. Want to know optical components definition, contact us..

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