The elevators in shopping malls are generally called escalators, with a speed of 0.5m/s. Some types of elevators can reach 0.65m/s and 0.75m/s. They are widely used in public places such as subway, light rail, station, airport, wharf, store, and building with a concentrated flow of people. The lifting height is generally within 10m, and in special cases can reach tens of meters, with an inclination angle of 30°and 35°.

Mall Elevator function

Escalator is the most efficient equipment for continuous transportation between buildings. In the commercial complex with a large flow of people, escalator becomes one of the important carriers to carry and guide the flow of people and realize the maximization of commercial value.

In the design of the shopping center, escalator design is an important part of moving line design. The ingenious escalator design can enhance the customer experience and effectively attract the passenger flow to the high-rise floor.

The main principle of escalator design in the shopping center is to facilitate customers and give customers a better experience.

Asoneofthemostfamousdomestic lift manufacturers, SAIL intelligent freight elevator combines with top grade elevator engineering technology etc. It can hold a large amount of goods because of fierce drag system, highly strengthened mechanical structure design. It still operates well under various harsh environments. It features as effective & reliable, firm and durable, precise leveling etc. Freight & Car Elevators are widely applicable for vast goods transport occasions such as factory, warehouse, shopping center and so on. SAIL is very experienced automobile elevator manufacturersand we have high quality car elevator for sale.

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