Rock Wool Blanket With Wire Mesh


Density(kg / m3)








Wire mesh


with wire mesh suitable for vibration, high temperature environment. This product is often recommended for use in boilers, ships, valves and large diameter irregular pipes for thermal insulation materials.


Our rock wool insulation having the following advantages:


Heat preservation and sound absorption for steel structure building .

Heat insulation for wall ,ceiling and roof of house to save energy.

For indoor partition wall, wall interior partitions ,train compartment.

For cool-making and high buildings required to be fireproof, heat resistant and sound insulating.

thermal insulation and fire prevention partition keel interlayer sound insulation; Rock wool for building has excellent fire prevention, heat preservation and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation; Fire prevention and noise reduction of building partitions, firewalls, fire doors and elevator shafts.





80-150 Kg/m3

Shot content (particle diameter ≥0.25mm), %


Average fiber diameter, μm


Density tolerance, %

+15, -15

Thermal conductivity coefficient (average temperature: 70±2℃), W/(m. K)


Thermal load contraction temperature (products with density above 60kg/m3),

≤ 600

Acidity coefficient mk

≥ 1.6

Moisture content, %


Combustion property

Non-combustible(A class)

Organic material content, %

≤ 4.0

Water repellence (water-proof), %

≥ 98

Water absorption (water-proof), %

≤ 5

Max Application Temperature ℃


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