Custom Injection Mold Making Services for Auto Parts

Mould Type: Automotive Final Sensor

Production Material: 33% glass fiber reinforced, black PA 6/12

No of Cavities: 4 cavities

Core Material: S7

Cavity Material: S7

Mold base steel: 1.1730 with A/B plate 1.2312

Injection System: 4drops Husky hot runner

Type of gating: valve gate on part

Ejection system: Round ejector pins

Lead time: 6 weeks

Shot life: 1,000,000

Export to: America

Feature: two times over-molding, first over-molding TPE with PCB, and second over-molding with the pre-over molding.

HanKing Mould offers full plastic injection mould making servicesutilizing an in-house tooling room with the craftsmanship and expertise to develop new mould projects and managed by HanKing very experienced engineering technicians. Using our EDM technology, CNC machinery, and the good skills of our senior mould makers to meet high quality & tolerance plastic mould and specific surface finish requirements. The applications such as texture or high polish mould finish SPI grade.

HanKing will provide you with precision moulds to meet your needs so that assist with high-quality injection molding parts.

About Hanking Mould

HanKing MouldEnginering Ltd. started the business in the year of 1996 as a plastic injection mold maker in china. With continuous developments and progresses, we have become a professional Chinese plastic injection tooling company, offering custom plastic injection molding service, plastic molding manufacturing and other mould making services.

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