Steel Billet

General Introduction of Steel Billets

Prime steel billetsare the second stage product in steel production. They belong to hot rolling and directly made and formed in the process of steel smelting, belonging to the category of casting semi-finished products. Their final products involve deformed steel rods, wires, and other steel products. As one of the professional steel billets manufacturers, HUARO offers high-quality steel billets for sale.

Steel Billets Production Process

The steel billets production process consists of three steps.

First, prepare scrap iron or sponge iron (DRI).

Secondly, scrap iron or sponge iron (DRI) is melted in an electric arc furnace (EAF) and the necessary elements are added to enhance the properties and quality of the steel billets to meet standard quality and customer requirements. Electric arc furnace technology converts electrical energy into heat to melt steel. Compared with most other metal melting methods, the advantages of the arc are clean, energy-saving and controllable melting processes.

Finally, the steel is cast into billets.

Application of Steel Billets

The company's customers use steel billets to make round steel, shaped steel, and coils. These long products are mainly used in small and medium-sized construction projects, such as residential and commercial units, and other general construction projects, including machine tools, auto parts, and large construction projects requiring steel billets for reinforced concrete. High strength and durability, can be used in Bridges, DAMS, highways, and structures that can withstand high compression forces as well as high-rise buildings.

Specification for Steel Billets

Steel Billets conform to various types of steel and accordingly include JIS DIN ASTM EN and GB standards. The normal thickness is 130 * 130mm and 150 * 150mm, and the length is usually 6m-12m. Both ends will be gas cut and at the end of each blank, the mold number will be stamped or painted.

Steel Billet Specification

(As per below or as per customer requirement)








120 max

Note: Tramp Elements (Ni + Cr + Cu + Mo) = 0.30% max

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