Multi-function Energy Meter

Multi function meter refers to the watt-hour meter which has more than two functions, such as time-sharing and measurement demand, in addition to measuring active power (reactive power), and can display, store and output data, and has powerful data acquisition and processing functions. Digital multifunction meter is suitable for all common power parameters, real-time power measurement, energy measurement and power quality analysis in power grid. The user-friendly operation method of Acrel multifunction meter manufacturers provide digital multifunction meter that more convenient to use, if you want to know more about multi function meter price and other info, please contact us.

Multi-function Energy Meter Types

Energy Meter AMC96L-E4/KC can be used in control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems.

PZ series can measure current , voltage, power, power factor and Kwh parameters with RS485 Modbus, 2DI/DO and alarm functions.

APM800 Series
three phase smart power quality energy analyzer meter APM800 high accuracy class 0.5S with RS485 Modbus.

AMC series measure current and have RS-485port,Modbus protocol and alarm function.

AMC 3 phase digital ampere meter display is clear and beautiful, and can replace the traditional analog pointer meter. It is a kind of high performance automation instrument which is suitable for ind...

This series of meters have RS-485port, Modbus-RTU protocol. Analog output, alarm output, switching input/output can be selected.

AMC series measure voltage and support RS-485port Modbus protocol and Analog output.

ModelACR10R-D16TEInputPhaseSingle phaseFrequency45~65HzVoltageRated voltage:AC 100V 400VOverload:1.2 times the rated voltag(continuous);2 times the rated voltage lasting for 1 secondPower consumption:less then 0.2VACurrentMa.

Multifunction Meter Working Principle

When the digital multi function meter is working, the voltage is divided by the resistance, and the current is sampled on the sampling resistor by the current transformer, and then sent to the dedicated power chip for processing, and converted into a digital signal to the CPU for calculation. Due to the use of a dedicated power processing chip, the voltage and current sampling resolution is greatly improved, and there is enough time to measure the power more accurately so that the measurement accuracy of the electric energy meter has been significantly improved. Smart energy meter application is more and more wide.

The CPU in the figure is used for time-sharing billing and processing various input and output data, reads the data of the dedicated energy chip through the serial interface and completes the time-sharing active energy metering and maximum demand metering functions according to the preset time period. According to the needs, display various data, communicate through infrared or RS485 interface, and complete the monitoring of operating parameters, record and store various data.

Multi-function Energy Meter Features

The multiple rates can be set in 4 time zones, 10 periods, and four rates (peak and flat valley)

The sub-harmonic measurement can reach 2-63 times.

With voltage crest factor, tele crest factor, current K factor, and waveform recording functions

Configurable Ethernet (Modbus-TCP protocol) function

Support Modbus-RTU and DLT645 protocol at the same time

Expandable optional module

Acrel power meter is a high-tech enterprise concentrating on research, production, sales, and services. It mainly provides systemic solutions of energy efficiency management and electrical safety for users. "Acrel" smart 3 phase energy meter manufacturer is equipped with complete production lines from cloud platform software to sensors.

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