Welded Pipe Mill

Welded Pipe Mill

DescriptionWelded tube mill is complete equipment for welding steel pipes. It rolls the strip or plate then welds the tube to steel pipes by HF welding or submerged arc welding. Welded pipe making machine is composed of uncoiler, leveling machine, butt welder, loop, straightening machine and high frequency equipment.

ApplicationWelded Pipe Mill is be widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, power stations, oil refining, seawater desalination and other high-end pipe making field.

AdvantagesWelded pipe making machine can produce welded steel pipe which has the features of good quality machining and precision assembling. Our company is specialized in producing the welded tube making machine, therefore, welded steel pipe with different diameter and wall thickness could be available according to your requirements. Meanwhile, we can design and manufacture products in accordance with clients needs.

Classification1. Straight Seam Welded Tube Making MachineThis Welded Pipe Mill is used to roll the strip or plate, then welding the tube to steel pipe by HF welding or submerged-arc welding. According to the different welding style, it can be divided into straight seam high frequency and HF submerged-arc welded tube making machine. The former one mainly produces high level steel pipes, such as delivery pipe of petroleum and natural gas, while the straight seam HF Welded Pipe Mill mainly produces oil well casing. The full automatic function and changing roll could guarantee the advancement of our mill.2. Spiral Welded Tube Making MachineSpiral Welded Pipe Mill is mainly used to produce spiral welded steel pipes. The steel coils could be unfolded and leveled first by one of the mill equipment, and then sent into three-roll forming machine in a certain angle. With the help of such rolling machine, these steel coils will be formed into the continual pipes. Finally, the weld joint of the continual pipes could be welded by submerged-arc welding machine.

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