3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener and Feeder

3 in 1 feeder is especially suitable for high strength steel, enhancing the processing precision. Machine has adopted electric straightening precision adjustment which is easier to adjust than by manual. Electric and electronic parts are adopted European standard products, better in safety, stability, and lifetime.

Function instruction: uncoiling is to fix coil on the spindle of uncoiler, a supporting table to support coil Inner diameter, while working automatically, through material loop controlling instruction to make spindle uncoiling and loosing coil intermittently, equipped with coil diameter detection, to control uncoiling speed, ensure uncoiling line speed is uniform velocity, improved material loosing problem.

Components included: expansion and contraction part, press arm part, limit wheel part, material loop controlling part.

Expansion method: hydraulic expansion.

Spindle expansion range: Φ450-Φ530mm.

Spindle driven motor: AC motor, with an inverter.

Spindle driven method: variable frequency gear motor.

Spindle brake: disc brake.

Spindle uncoiling direction: down uncoiling.

The working principle of the three-in-one decoiler straightener feeder machine:

it is a feeding system that integrates the decoiler, the straightening machine and the feeder. In the peripheral equipment series of press machine, it can be said that it is the apex performance of the straightening feeder machine. It is a feeding system that integrates the functions of the three common models into one body by digital technology. The working principle is organically combined by the following parts.

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