Road Construction Soil Jumping Jack Tamping Rammer

Tamping rammer well known as jumping jack in western countries, it makes up of an engine (motor), a small foot (plate). The jumping jack type is mainly used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipesetc and repair pavements and roads in the small area where theupright rammer compactorand roller compactor are not available to enter into. Rammers have the ability to compact a deeper amount of soil than a plate compactor because the force from the plate is more direct.

The torque generated by the engine or electric motor is transferred to reciprocating motion by crank gear, which will pass it on vibrating foot (shoe) through spring cylinder. It has a strong impact force though it is small and light.

Proper Compaction is very important to prevent soil settlement from happening and result in expensive maintenance cost or structural failure. The soil has complex mixtures. It is consisting of minerals, water, air, organic matter while forming on the land’s surfaces. It is always obviously essential step to do soil compaction as part of the building process in advance. Soil compaction is one of the easiest methods of mechanically increasing the density of soil ground.

It is very similar for tamping rammer and plate compactors. In spite of the fact that the structure is different, the working principle and function same. So when should we choose tamping rammer instead of plate compactor? It is easy to recognize on the accordance of the type of soil. The Tamping rammers work obviously great when compacting cohesive soils because of the small size of the plate. The smaller plate size allows for more focused and direct compaction, which comes in handy on soils that require more force to properly compact. More an can be added to each layer which can make the process of filling and compacting a hole or trench, much faster.

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