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ZXD Integrated-type hydrogen generation plant





Hydrogen Production(m3/h)




Oxygen Production(m3/h)




Hydrogen Purity(V/V)




Oxygen Purity(V/V)




Operating load




Working Pressure(MPa)

Hydrogen Moisture Content(g/m3)




Hydrogen Alkalinity(mg/m3)




Working Temperature(℃)




Cooling water flow(m3/h)


DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2)




External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H(mm)




Electrolyzer Weight(kg)




Alkali concentration

30% KOH

30% KOH

30% KOH

Circulation quantity of alkali liquor(m3/h)

Koh consumption (normal operation)(kg/unit)




Overview of Zhongxinda hydrogen production process

The modular electrolyzer with bipolar pressurization technology adopts special design and materials, so the electrolyzer will not leak during operation, has long service life and does not need any maintenance

In the compact electrolyzer, non asbestos patent material is used as diaphragm, the pure nickel mesh is used as cathode and anode, patent material is used as sealing gasket, carbon steel and pure nickel coating are used as bipolar plate. The precise design of sealing structure is environmentally friendly.

The Special activation treatment is carried out on the cathode of the electrolyzer to ensure the high water electrolysis efficiency with low power consumption and save electric energy for customers;

An electrolyzer is composed of a plurality of stage plates;The voltage of each electrolyzer is adjustable from 1.8 to 2.2, and the DC voltage is adjustable from 30V to 58V according to the rated voltage of electrolytic;(subject to hydrogen production data of electrolyzer) maximum DC current 820a (detailed parameters confirmed with hydrogen production during engineering design)

After-Sale Service

We have a professional after-sales service team for hydrogen generation system with rich experience in hydrogen machine maintenance.According to the running state and environment of hydrogen production machine , we will help you optimize and upgrade the system, design plans suitable for the operation of the machine, improve the monitoring and detection for DCS and PLC, enhance the running safety and using cycle of hydrogen production equipment, so that reduce system failure caused by peripheral equipment (hydrogen compressor, dryer, PLC controller, etc.) and equipment failure or accident caused by personnel operation mistakes.

In view of the system shutdown caused by the fault of individual components for most users (such as system pressure imbalance and inaccurate measurement of the analyzer caused by the fault of pressure transmitter and ), we have stable detection methods and equipment maintenance plans for hydrogen production machine.

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