Threaded Mold Parts

A thread is a continuous helical ridge formed on the inside (nut) or outside (screw) of a cylinder. This ridge is called the crest. Between each crest is a space, called the root. Threads are set at an angle to the axis of the bolt or nut. We provide quality threaded parts.


What Is Thread's Function?

Thread is a sequential flow of tasks within a process. There can be multiple threads in a single process. A thread has three components namely Program counter, register set, and stack space. Thread is also termed as the lightweight process as they share resources and are faster compared to processes.


Internal And External Thread Design Tips

Depth and diameter are important considerations for designing industrial threaded products. For instance, long thread sections are rarely necessary. Since most of a part’s stress is placed on the first three threads, having more threads isn’t beneficial beyond a certain point.

It’s also important to pay attention to the various diameters involved in thread design, like the major thread, minor thread, and the diameter of the pilot hole. If you have a pilot hole that has the same diameter as the major thread of the mating screw, the mating hardware will not engage with the hole.

To avoid pain points like these, ensure that any thread’s pilot hole allows for appropriate tap engagement. Most CAM programs have features that will be able to help you determine the right measurement.

If you need any kinds of precision mold, please contact us, as a professional precision moulding company, Fangling is willing to offer you high quality products.

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