Friction Materials for friction disk

Friction Materials for friction disk:Also named Brake Friction Material, automotive Friction Materials. special for making brake pad, brake lining, clutch plates etc. 1) Description of Friction materials: Friction materials is consist of low-coefficent & high coefficient materials ,binders and regulator. It can be divided into Asbestos & Non-Asbestos friction material. Cause asbestos is harmful for environment, so asbestos friction materials is gradually prohibited by users. currently the Non-Asbestos formulation is getting more and more popular in the world.We TSHW professionally supply Non-Asbestos friction materials, mainly include: mineral fiber,rock-woolfiber, glass fiber, copper fiber, steel fiber, iron powder, barite, friction dust, flake graphite, CPC,wollostonite, calcium sulfate whisker , tungsten disulfide, NBR,MoS2...raw friction materials.2)features of friction materials -- a) Non-Asbestos b) Adjustable spec c) High purity

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