Forging Process

Create Die Mold

Create a die mold is the first step for the metal forging process, it is critical and essential step for the die mold forging process.

We have a die mold maker who had been working with us for near 20 years, with rich experience, who can design the mold according to customers’ drawings, samples very quickly and with very high quality.

Material Cutting and Heating

Base on the drawings or samples, our engineers will calculate the bar material diameter and length we need, then we will select the correct bar material and cut it in suitable billets.

The billets will be sent to the high frequency furnace for hearting to about 1000°C, then start the press.


The heated billet with 1000° C will be put at the middle of the dies, close the dies, the material will be shaped as the customers requirement. When open the dies, we get a raw parts with the fin around.

Cutting the Fin

The raw parts with the fin will put in a cutting mold to remove the fin, after the fin removed, we get the raw forgings, the forging process is completely.

Heating Treatment

To get better strength or machining hardness, eliminate forging stress and improve metal cutting performance. we need put the forging in heat treatment furnace. Heat the parts near or above its critical temperature, held for a certain time, then cooling the metal in some medium like air, water or molten salts.

The heat treatment process includes annealing, case hardening, tempering, normalizing and quenching, nitriding, cyaniding etc.

Sand Blasting

To remove the oxide layer of the forging and get a uniformed surface, we will place the parts in sand blast machine. After sand blasting, the surface is quite uniform.


To get accurate dimensions, the machining process is needed. In my factory, with more than 40set machining, we can machine the forgings in turning, drilling, milling, grinding, that means, you just need provide the drawings or samples, we will make finished parts according to your request.

Quality Inspection

Every parts in my factory must be inspected the quality before leading to my customers. This is very important to process, we have various inspection tools and experienced inspectors in my factory. The defected parts is not allowed to ship to any customer.


Are you looking for custom forged parts? JC forging is a professional manufacturer of precision forging parts. Just contact us! We are experienced in export package, we will follow customers request to pack the parts, the plywood box or carton, pallets all available.

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