Skyswan 5Kg Package Cocoa Powder

Skyswan is pleased to offer bulk cocoa chinapowderfrom Belgium in 5Kg/11 lb bags! This rich, flavorful Dutched cocoa powder wholesalehas 22-24% fat content. It will make a wonderful ingredient in your favorite recipe cake. Contact us and bulk cocoa powder!

About 5Kg Small-Package Cocoa Powder

As a professional bulk cocoa powdersupplier, Skyswan provides small-package cocoa powders wholesalefor various packing sizes.You can choose from the complete set of skyswan bulk cocoa powders,including natural, brown alkalized and black ones, acquiring them in customized bags that displayyour brand logo, graphic design and details of nutrients.

Advantages of 5Kg Small-Package Cocoa Powde

The SKg S谣mllPackage Cocoa Powderis pure, unsweetened and subjectofvegan andHill standards.The zipper package helps to avoid sunlight, moisture, foreign order

sand other negative effects that cause product deterioration, whereby maintaining good taste and aroma of cocoa.

Besides, small-package cocoa powder is convenient for end users.

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