Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Remcor steel pipe laser cutting machine solutions can certainly meet all of your metal laser steel pipe cutting demands. Can be used for processing of circular tube, square tube and other kinds of special shape products. REMCOR Apollo series three chucks tube cnc tube cutting laser for sale can realize the real Zero-tailing cutting. And our automatic loading system freedom operator from the hard and heavy pipe loading problem.

REMCOR Tube Laser Cutting Machine Types
Apollo AK Two-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000w-6000w
Apollo BK Three-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000w-6000w

Benefits of REMCOR Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Professional on Metal Tube Laser Cutting

Use heavy integrated welding bed, automatic focusing laser head and equipped with independent electric control cabinet. After cutting, the finished products can be directly dropped into the unloading trolley. The operation is simple and easy to learn, can reduce the cost of use and maintenance, and complete the cutting of the pipe with high efficiency and high precision.

Pneumatic Chucks, Stable Clamping

One-button clamping and automatic centering make it 3 times faster than the electric chuck, which save the waiting time for loading and unloading. The clamping strength of the chuck can be adjusted conveniently and quickly according to the thickness of the pipe wall. The pneumatic claw clamp force is large and stable to ensure cutting precision and the heavy pipe clamping does not slip. Helical gear transmission of strong rigidity, low noise and high transmission efficiency.

Pneumatic-Supported Auxiliary Bracket

Unique structure design to prevent tube sagging deformation and fluctuation while processing. Stable to use and resistant to vibration. which will improve working precision and prolong the service life of chuch and transmission structure.

Protective visual window

The working area is equipped with laser protective glass observation window, which is in line with the EU safety production standard to ensure the safety of equipment production and the operator. When the equipment is running, it can directly observe the working condition to monitor and solve problems in time.

Professional Tube Cutting System, Intelligent Control

Professional cutting software to process various types of pipe. The software supports automatic correction, channel cutting and angle separation. It can realize high precision cutting through the collection and processing of all kinds of real-time information to achieve higher efficiency.

Simple Operation, User-friendly

WIFI Remote Control, Handle Operation Control, Intelligent Warning System, Auto-lubrication System.High-speed Cutting Database.

The metal tube cutting laser machine is an expert of metal tube cutting of various shapes, including round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, rounded rectangular tube, angle steel, channel steel and other tubes. There are four models of tube and sheet laser cutting machine. 6020/7025/9025/9034 each type is for cutting tube which diameter difference from 15mm to 230mm. The laser metal pipe cutter , with stable structure, convenient maintenance, low operating cost, and complete service and support, is always a pop star in production list.

Video of REMCOR Tube Laser Cutting Machine

What Materials Can be Cut with Tube Laser Cutting Machine?
Remcor, a laser machine factory, manufactures fiber laser cutting pipe machine that can cut all types of metals, from mild steel to stainless and also non-ferrous metals. It is also valid for cutting some reflective metals like aluminum, brass and copper etc. The thickness of the metal can be anywhere up to 30 mm. The maximum thickness, varies based on the power of the laser as well as the expertise of the machine operator. The diameters can be up to Ø 350mm tubes. Can cut different shapes on the surface of square tube, oval tube, U tube or rectangular tubes.

Application of REMCOR Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser tube cutting systems offer specific industrial solutions for companies related with agricultural machinery. Our cutting-edge cutting machines cut multiple materials and thicknesses and allow automations adapted to the needs of each company.


Pipe fiber laser cutting machine offers high precision and flexible cutting performance for companies with changing needs, with multiple automation solutions to meet all types of automotive industry demands.


The fiber laser cutting machine can flexibly process tubes which different thicknesses different diameters with a high degree of automation and high precision results, wildly used in Building and Structure industries.

Electrical appliances

Fiber laser tube cutting machine is easy to cut different shapes of metal tubes, L, H, round and square tubes for the electrical supply system. firefighting equipment, Tower.

Equipment manufacturing

REMCOR fiber laser pipe cutting machine has high processing accuracy and efficiency, which can greatly improve the quality and productivity of diverse equipment manufacturing.


CNC Fiber laser cutting machine with high precision, high speed, high stability, which is widely used in manufacturing steel doors, storage shelves, Many different shapes of lamps, etc.

Medical instrument

The fiber laser metal tube cutting machine is widely used in medical machine/beds/armrest/stretcher or some other devices manufacturing.

Sport & fitness

Fiber Laser cutting, as well-known as the most advanced metal-cutting technology, with features of high precision, great cutting performance, fast speed and environmentally friendly, it is also widely used in fitness equipment manufacture industry.

As one of tube laser cutting machine manufacturers , we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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