Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Description of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve:

ZECO triple offset butterfly valve adopts three-eccentric structure, which increases angle eccentricity in time on the basis of double offset butterfly valve with metal to metal seal. Angular eccentricity means that the conical axis of the sealing surface of the butterfly disc is inclined to the axis of the body cylinder. At this time, the section of the sealing surface becomes an ellipse, so the shape of the sealing surface is asymmetric. One side is inclined to the center line of the body, and the other side is parallel to the center line of the body. The main role of this angle eccentricity is to make the valve in the process of opening or closing, any point between the sealing ring and the valve seat will be quickly off or contact, so that no friction between the sealing surface extends the service life of the valve.

Features of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve:

  1. support is ISO 5211 standard with uniform size, which can be used at ZECO site or user site to change the desired electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or turbine actuators;

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