Rubber Magnets

custom rubber magnetsis one of the ferrite magnet series. It is a soft, flexible and twistable magnet made of bonded ferrite powder compounded with synthetic rubber through extrusion, calendaring and injection molding processes. It can be processed into strips, rolls, sheets, blocks, rings and various complex shapes.

Rubber Magnets Features & Characteristics

It has flexibility, elasticity and bendability, and can be produced into rolls, sheets, strips, blocks, rings and various complex shapes through extrusion, calendaring, injection and mold forming processes.

It can also be covered with PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided tape, coated with UV oil, or color printing and die-cutting into various shapes.

Different Shapes of rubber magnets for sale

FAQs About Rubber Magnets

What is a rubberized magnet?

Rubber magnetsare magnets with very weak suction force formed by mixing rubber with ferrite powder, but these products can be easily processed by cutting with scissors or cutting machines.

What are the uses of rubber magnet?

Application areas of rubber magnetic stripsmaterial: refrigerators, message boards, fasten objects to metal bodies for use as fasteners in advertising, etc., magnetic sheets for toys, teaching instruments, switches and sensors. It is mainly used in the industries of micro-motor, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinet, toy, stationery, advertisement, etc.

What is rubber magnet made of?

Rubber magnets are made of magnetic powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP), etc., and are manufactured by extrusion and calendaring. Rubber magnet can be homogeneous or anisotropic, bendable, twistable and roll able. It can be used without more mechanical processing, and can be trimmed to the desired size, and can be coated with PVC, backed with adhesive, UV oil, etc. according to customer requirements. It has a magnetic energy product of 0.60 to 1.50 MGOe.

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