Wood Treatment Equipment

Wood Treatment Equipment

Length: 6-20m. (Can be customized)

Width: 1-2m. (Can be customized)

Design Temperature :187-225째C


Wood processing equipment is a product category of pressure vessel produced by our company, this product safety is high, it is designed and manufactured according to the law of the People’s Republic GB150-2011 steel pressure vessel standard, the product must pass a quality supervision, inspection and acceptance by Technical Supervision Bureau, and is awarded the inspection certificate, is reliable product for the users.

Wood Treatment Equipment, Pressure Vessels Manufacturers Factory

The company is responsible for products design, manufacture, transportation, installation, debugging and operation training.


Pressure Vessels Features:

The product has reasonable structure design, function is advanced, has the beautiful outlook and applicability.



It can be dealt with large quantity of wood and wood products, mould proof and moth-proofing, prevent termites, flame retardant, dyeing of special wood. It is also suitable for all kinds of anti-corrosion agents, flame retardant agents and dyeing agents, etc.

 YongXing manufacture Oil & Gas Fired Boiler, Biomass Fired Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler, Pressure Vessels, Electrical Steam Boiler, Hot Air Boiler, Coal Fired Boiler etc. We are the national A- class boiler manufacturer



The unit uses vacuum, compression, heating and so on a series of crafts operation to take off resin of the wood, and made certain concentration mingled with the corrosion resistance, fire resistance, dyeing, vacuum high-pressure injection liquids through wood inside the cells, thus plays corrosion prevention, mould proof, moth-proofing, prevent termites and protection treatment. The equipment has reached to the international level. 

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