Electric Ball Valve

We all know that the electric ball valves are used to control the flow of liquids and gases. Actuated ball valves are energy efficient and robust because they only cost energy during the opening or closing of the valve. We can equip an electric actuator to our ball valves according to the requirement of our customers. And our electric ball valves are actuated by a motor driven electric actuator Its robust construction provides consistent performance and durability. They are for example often used as zone control valves in heating systems.

The electric water ball valveis composed of a plug ball valve and an electric actuator. The ball valve body structure is a valve core rotated 90 degrees, the electric actuator is a standard signal of 0-10 milliamperes input, and the motor group drives the gear worm wheel worm angle torque. Adjust the valve with a switch box. Its use mainly depends on the amount of current and the adjustment operation.

The electric ball valve has been widely used in petroleum, natural gas, medicine, food, water and electricity, nuclear power, electricity, water supply and drainage, heating, and metallurgy industries. It is a vital mechanical product for national defense construction. At the same time, it is also an indispensable product for technological construction. It occupies a lot of market share, mainly due to a variety of reasons, such as powerful electric ball valve, small size, reliable performance, large flow capacity, lightweight, and remote control. The electric ball valve is not only for throttling, cutting off, and cutting. The good products that pass through and turn around are the first choices in flow control systems. It has many characteristics such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, long service life, wide application range and so on.

Penglai Steel Valve Co., Ltd is willing to supply electric ball valves for global buyers. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us anytime.

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