uterus care concentrated juice powder


According to the investigation of WHO: The morbidity of common gynecological diseases is up to 87.6%; The number of deaths from gynecological diseases reaches 9 million each year; There are 20 women dead of gynecological diseases every minute.

Chilly extremities and lower abdomen, chloasma, dark circle of eyes, soreness of waist and easy to wane, menstrual colic, menstruationdisorder, easy to abortion, and infertility. Sub-health has become an important factor that affects the life quality among women in world.

This and improve leucorrhea abnormal is specially designed for women. At the same time, this product is also a improve cold hands and feet functional food.



A natural antibiotic and healthy fruit with strong resistance to oxidation, it can reduce low density cholesterol and triglyceride; cranberry has the efficacy of preventing urinary tract infection, is benefit for suppressing the attachment of helicobacter pylori to the stomach and intestine; it can reduce the rate of cardiovascular aging lesion, anti-aging, prevent senile dementia, it nourish skin and maintain a young and healthy skin.

Donkey-Hide Gelatin

Has the efficacy of replenishing blood and nourishing Yin, moistening the dryness and hemostasis. It is used for the treatment of chlorosis caused by the deficiency of blood, vertigo and palpitation, perturbed and awake, cough caused by lung dryness. In the Shen Nong’s Herbal Classics, it is quoted as ‘after a long term usage, lighten weight and replenish Qi’.


The fleshy root of ginseng is a famous tonic for strengthening physique, is fit for regulating blood pressure, recovering cardiac functions, curing neurosisand debility etc. It can invigorate the vitality, consolidate prostration and engender body liquid as well as tranquilize the nerve. It can be used in the treatment of long deficient and no recovery, and all deficiency syndromes of Qi, blood and body liquid, such as internal lesions caused by overexertion, bad appetite, lassitude, stomach reflux vomiting, diarrhea stool, cough and asthma caused by deficiency etc.

Dried Longan

Enriched with vitamin and phosphatic substances, has the function of replenishing spleen and invigorating the brain; it contains abundantglucose, cane sugar and protein etc, which can facilitate the regeneration of hemoglobin meanwhile enhance thermal energy and replenish nutrition; hence, achieve the effect of blood replenishing, boost memory and eliminate fatigue.

Brown Sugar

A variety of monosaccharide and polysaccharide energy substance such as glucose and fructose containing in the brown sugar can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and provide energyfor cells. The folic acid, microscale substance, vitamin, electrolyte, anti-oxidant substance, amino acid and cellulose containing in the brown sugar can accelerate blood circulation, maintain the normal function and metabolism of cells, enhance the skin tissue structures and elasticity, has the function of delaying senility, replenishing blood and Qi, accelerating blood circulation, warming the spleen and invigorating stomach as well as dispersing blood stasis and facilitate regeneration.


An effective medicine in the treatment of hydrochloric acid-alcohol ulcer, it has the function of protecting gastric mucosal cell. The gingerol and the structure of diphenyl heptane compounds containing in the ginger are equipped with strong oxidation resistance and scavenging ability of free radical; it has the efficacy of anti-aging, detoxification and sterilization, as well as tumor suppression.

Red Date

With mild nature and sweet taste, the contents of vitamin is quite high; it has a fame of ‘natural vitamin pills’and effects of nourishing Yin and tonifying Yang, replenish Qi and enriching blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach; it has an ideal efficacy in the treatment of allergic purpura, anemia, hypertension, acute and chronic hepatitis and the increase of serum transaminase among liver cirrhosis patients as well as the prevention of blood transfusion reaction; it contains substance with anti-fatigue effect which may strengthen the endurance; it has the efficacy of alleviating the impairment of liver caused by toxicant; the flavonoid compounds in the red date may reduce the blood pressure; besides, red date has a strong function of suppressing cancer and anti-allergy.


It contains plenty of vitamin, mineral nutrient, amino acid, non-saturated fatty acid, cholorophyll, lutein, zeaxanthin and GAGA etc. altogether 59 kinds of daily essential nutrients for human body; due to its internal cellular structure, it can absorb surplus substances in the human body, such as, cholesterol, neutral fat, heavy metal and alcohol etc. it is equipped with potent oxidation resistance, anti-virus capacity and scavenging free radical function. It has a specular effect in the aspect of protecting liver, alleviating allergic dermatitis, suppressing the absorption and preventing of purine as well as improving gout.

Pueraria Lobata

Has the effect of muscle resolving, defervescence, promote the eruption of skin rashes, engendering body liquid and ceasing thirst, as well as lifting Yang and ceasing diarrhea. Pueraria Lobata contains 12% of flavonoids compounds, such as puerarin, daidzein, and peanut yeast etc. besides, there are protein, amino acid, sugar and essential minerals such as iron, calcium and selenium etc. for human body; it is a precious tonic for all ages, and enjoys a reputation of ‘ginseng for thousands of years’.

Rhizoma Polygonati

The In-vitro experiment has indicated that the water extract of rhizoma polygonati has a suppression function against typhoid bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and acid-fast bacillus; the extractum reflected a suppression function on the hyperglycemia caused by adrenaline. In addition, it plays a role in anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, delaying senescence, hemostasis and anti-virus etc.

Chinese Yam

It contains extremely abundant nutrition and substances with the purpose of health care. As quoted from Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic ‘it mainly assists tonifying the spleen and replenishing deficiency, removing chill, heat and evil, restores the spleen and reinforce Qi and strength, promote the growth of muscles, a long term taking will improve vision and hearing.’Hence, the Chinese Yam possesses the function of improving human immunity, the choline and lecithin it contains is benefit for boosting memory, a frequent consumption is helpful for keeping fitness, reinforce physique and delaying senescence.


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