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With more than 20 years of experience in clean room injection molding, as the medical silicone molding companyin China, we specialize in various clean room injection molding process techniques including medical device injection molding and medical silicone overmold injemolding like LSR and solid rubber to make the highest-quality product. Packson provides custom medical device injection molding from small to large quantities. We are also able to add additives like colorants if customers need this customized medical device molding service. With strict tolerances, we specialize in making medical silicone moldingparts like catheters and masks. To meet customer's demands, we built a Class 8 medical device injection molding cleanroom for Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding with 12 injection presses. As an OEMs supplier for BD and with 7&24 service, Packson molddelivers 200k-300k pcs LSR parts every week to the USA. With the rapid development between BD and Packson, we decide to expand the cleanroom of LSRinjection moldingfor new cooperation. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need medical plastic parts. Get you personal solution now!

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Medical Device Injection Molding Cleanroom Capabilities

Normally we build the medial injection moulding cleanroomfor producing medical devices with strict requirements of cleanness. We also enable combine product by all kinds of materials which help us to precisely meet customer demands.

Our cutting-edge equipment, fully skilled engineers, and advanced technology have turned to help decrease project missing and save more time and cost which convert into great efficiency.

As the medical device injection molding companyand clean room injection manufacturer, Packson makes medical devices and assembly of devices at clean room injection molding for meeting the demands of customers from the medical industry. The medical devices are molded by a variety of materials including medical grade thermoplastics for all kinds of healthcare and medical standard approvals. We keep focusing on creating medical components from small batch to high production quantities through ISO Class 8 cleanroom environments. In order to provide a full spectrum of OEMs medical device injection molding service for customers, we have the capability of offering value-added services like ultrasonic welding, printing, assembling, packaging, and sterilization. If you take interest in our medical plastic injection moulding cleanroom, do contact us for more information.

Here are more value-added services about medical device injection molding:

Part concept design

Design confirmation and implementation

Design assessment and review (DFM/mold flow analysis, tolerance analysis, feasibility studies)

Prototype molds making for proving concept/design

Medical Device Injection Molding Processing

Tool Modification and maintenance

Medical device injection molding confirmation

Injection molding

Contract manufacturing services

Contract packaging services

Clean Room Injection Molding Process

Our medical device injection molding parts are made by injection mold. The first step for making mold is to review the part design. Our medical device injection molding normally can reach 100,000 cycles even more if we use suitable steel material for the mold. Packson offers clean room injection molding service of a lifetime warranty for molds by mold maintaining. Here we have a professional engineering team that is dedicated to your injection molding production.

Process for Clean Room Injection Molding Production:

Quick response for mold and part quote

Analyzing part design and make a personal solution

Create a professional team of project management

Ordering steel material and start mold processing

Weekly schedule for mold processing

Mold Trial and make samples production

Samples checking and make mold modification

Finish final version samples and mold shipment

Custom Clean Room Injection Molding For Medical Device

Packson works with a variety of medical industries for offering medical device injection molding services. We are able to help customers to create molded parts from design to final molding. Some of the medical devices that we serve are:

Syringe PartsSyringe Parts

Respiratory DevicesRespiratory Devices

Fluid ManagementFluid Management

Multi-component ValvesMulti-component Valves

Multi-component ValvesAnd more

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